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In the far north lies the Mistclad Cordillera and at the foot of those peaks is proud Telothia, the military capital of humanity.
  Visitors to this grand city will be greeted by soldiers patrolling the streets and drilling in the many squares, surrounded by the stone walls of their fortress home. As a city of soldiers, Telothia is also home to some of the best blacksmiths and artisans in whole of Nascindor, producing weapons of war for the garrisoned troops.
  Telothia is governed by a military junta, and most of its industry is tied to feeding and equipping the ever-growing scores of soldiers that make up the Telothian Legion. As the city is so close to the cordillera, a magical barrier has been erected around it to protect it from possible avalanches, which is maintained by the Warsages, a regiment of soldiers with aptitude for the magical arts.
  Visitors are allowed in Telothia, but are required to apply for a permit beforehand. Many visit the city to venture into the Tyndarite Escarpment, for a chance to witness a Resonant in the flesh.


Telothian culture is as crude as one might expect from a city-state ruled by military leaders. The only parades one will see traveling down the streets of Telothia are those celebrating the victories of the legion or, alternatively, mourning processions carrying the fallen home after the legion has suffered a defeat. There are also demonstrative drills held for foreign dignitaries should they visit the fortress-city.
  However, what Telothia lacks in festivities it makes up for in artisanry, especially when it comes to the craft of smithing. The finest smiths operate in Telothia and it is generally agreed upon that there are no finer blades than those forged in Telothian smithies, except perhaps the swords of weeping steel that the Seekers wield, which are forged by the smiths of their fellowships.


Telothians are a stoic people, resolute and stonefaced in most situations as they essentially live highly regimented lives from birth. In spite of, or perhaps due to this, they possess a shrewd, self-deprecating sense of humor which is oft found in those whose lives are full of adversity. Thanks to their constant training, Telothians are generally thought to be the strongest and most physically capable specimens of humanity, only challenged somewhat by the hardy farmers of Haven.
  Slow to trust and near impossible to get to open up, cracking through the hardened shell of a Telothian is one of the greatest joys to be had on Nascindor, as below the bruises and pain lies the spirit of a people who would do anything for those they love.
Halt! Visitors permits, please.

–A Telothian soldier approaching visitors to the city
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A view of the northern ramparts of Telothia

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