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Weeping Steel

When regular steel is quenched in the Tears of the Divine during its forging, it becomes infused with the properties possessed by the sacred liquid and is referred to as weeping steel. All Seekers carry swords of weeping steel, as the anointed metal cuts especially deep when used against the Hatelings of the Black Forest.


Just as the tears cause intense pain to the Hatelings, so too does anything forged from weeping steel, be it something as simple as a pendant or a ring. Curiously, the miraculous healing effects the tears have in their natural state do not entirely carry over into the metal. A small token of weeping steel can heal small cuts and bruises via being pressed against the skin but open wounds and other, more serious injuries are beyond its capacity to heal.
No, it doesn't actually weep. The term is symbolic.
–A Glarithian blacksmith
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The blade of a Seeker greatsword on display in the Everlasting Edifice

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