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Wilhelm Greust

Seeker-Captain of the Circle of Dawn, Wilhelm Greust hails from Telothia, where he first served as a Warsage before his transferral to the fellowship.
  He has garnered himself a reputation as something of a folk-hero and is colloquially known as "Eagleheart" among the peoples of Nascindor.  

Early Life

As is customary in Telothia, Wilhelm was drafted into the Telothian Legion at an early age, first as a servant. He toiled for several years, polishing armor and sharpening blades at the smithy. He did this diligently, for he knew that one day he too would depend on the weapons and armor maintained by servants like himself.
  Once he was old enough to become a soldier himself, he demonstrated great aptitude with the bow, capable of placing an arrow between the slits on the helmet of a target dummy from a hundred paces away. Due to this, it was clear to his trainers that the archer's path was the right one for him and he began an intensive training regimen to master the bow. However, this path would be somewhat interrupted when Wilhelm began to have vivid, intermittent waking dreams of a world beyond that which he lived in. Unbeknownst to him, he had begun involuntarily projecting, briefly glimpsing the Tapestrum Arcanum.
  It did not take long for the leadership of the Warsages, a sub-division of the Telothian Legion, to take notice of Wilhelms apparent affinity for the arcane, and soon he was transferred to their ranks, where he was taught how to project at will and how to manipulate the tapestry. Wilhelm would serve as a Warsage for little over a decade, taking part in several campaigns and fighting alongside fellow legionnaires and Seekers alike.

Becoming a Seeker

During the fourth Host incursion, Wilhelms unit was among those called to aid the Seeker fellowships in the defense of the border of the Black Forest. During the skirmishes, Wilhelm proved himself an invaluable asset in thinning the horde with unerring precision. It came to pass that he and a few Seekers, namely the then Seeker-Captain and his closest retinue, became separated from the main force and encircled by the horde of ravenous Hatelings. A bloody, desperate battle ensued during which Wilhelm made it his personal mission to keep the Seeker-Captain alive at all costs, ready to lay down his life for the venerable knight.
  However, as he was picking off targets that were harrying the other Seekers, a grotesque hateling managed to slice into the Seeker-Captain, who was gravely injured before Wilhelm and the others succeeded in killing the beast. Seeing how distraught his impending demise had made Wilhelm, the old knight beckoned the young archer to his side. There, as he lay dying, he beseeched Wilhelm to enter into the fellowship and train in its ways so that he may one day take up the mantle of leadership, for he saw in him the makings of not just a commander, but a hero.
  Wilhelm, along with the surviving Seekers, carried the Seeker-Captain back to the Gilded Spire, where he was inducted into the fellowship, with the aim of becoming its leader.


In only five short years Wilhelm completed his training at the Spire after which, as per the request of the preceding Seeker-Captain, he was elevated to a commanding role, though not exactly Seeker-Captain yet. He was given command over a squad of Seekers and allowed free reign to secure a length of the border of the Black Forest via any means he deemed appropriate. For Wilhelm, these means were extremely proactive, as he led his squad on scouting missions deeper into the forest than some might think necessary and put to death any and all Hatelings they came across.
  Him and his men became known for these "crusades" into the forest over the years, and word of their undertakings began to reach the common populace, who came to view him as a vengeful avatar of the Progenitor itself, come to cleanse the horrid forest once and for all.
  The church of Resounding Truth saw an opportunity to prop up their image and thus began nurturing a cult of personality around Wilhelm, dubbing him "Eagleheart" in all their publications and sermons. Giving the people a hero to look up to worked wonders for morale, and soon Eagleheart was a near-mythical figure making appearances in children's books and stage plays. It is at this point that Wilhelm was appointed Seeker-Captain.
  For his part, Wilhelm gladly assumed the role of a hero, going so far as to use his magic and arrowheads made from Ignisite to make each of his arrows release a dazzling burst of light and force on impact, often turning Hatelings into giblets. This is, of course, maintained to be a blessing from the Progenitor by the church.

Recent activity

Today, Wilhelm continues to lead the Circle of Dawn and still conducts raids into the forest, maintaining his proactive stance to border control. With the increased activity in the Black Forest, he feels it to be especially important to stamp out pockets of Hatelings so as to discourage the formation of a new Host. He is also ever-committed to his pursuit of the Ashen Baron.
You should have seen it! When his arrow struck true, the creature lost half of its grotesque head in a flash of light and heat!
–Squire Bonnam
Current Status
Leading the Seekers of the Circle of Dawn
Current Location
Androgynous, leaning towards masculine
Light blue
Shoulder length, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5'11 / 180cm
160lbs / 72kg
Resounding Truth
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
by Dall-E 3
"Eagleheart assaults the Glen", a painting by a Glarithian artist

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