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Circle of Dawn

Charged with the patrolling and protection of the north-eastern parts of the Black Forest's border, the Circle of Dawn is a Seeker fellowship whose base of operations is the Gilded Spire situated west of the Tyndarite Escarpment.


As one of the two fellowships, the other being Pilgrim's Watch, considered to be bearing the brunt of the Black Forest's hatred, the Circle of Dawn has to devote more men to their patrols than some of the other fellowships. Like the Warsages of the Telothian Legion, the Circle of Dawn employs mainly those with the ability to project into the Tapestrum Arcanum and are thus able to use magic.
  The fellowship nurtures these abilities, and places great emphasis on the arts of healing and purification. Due to this, the seekers of the circle are perhaps more self-sufficient than those of the other fellowships, whose healing capabilities are often restricted only to the vials filled with the Tears of the Divine that they carry.

Numbers and organization

The circle is, along with Pilgrim's Watch, the largest fellowship of seekers. The circle consists of approximately two thousand seekers and the staff of the Gilded Spire, who number in at roughly three hundred.
  The spire acts as a home for the seekers, and each floor is devoted to a single rank of seeker in an ascending order, with the neophytes and squires at the bottom. Therefore, advancement in the fellowship comes not only with an increase in status, but better quarters as well. The staff is housed in the settlement at the foot of the spire.
  The current leader of the Circle of Dawn is Seeker-Captain Greust.

Notable equipment

Seekers of the circle are equipped with the standard weaponry of all seekers, swords and maces of Weeping Steel and the vials of tears. Being capable of projection into the Tapestrum, the members of the circle often wear icons and charms meant to anchor themselves into their physical form, should they ever get lost in the magical dimension when borrowing its power.
  These trinkets are made from a material that is a closely guarded secret of the Circle (and one would imagine the church of Resounding Truth), which is dull and inert in the real Nascindor, but shines with a bright, pulsing light within the Tapestrum, acting as a beacon for the projecting seeker.
With each daybreak, our purpose shines brighter.
–Seeker-Captain Greust
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