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Pilgrim's Watch

Based in Sanctum, a keep located south of Druvenia, Pilgrim's Watch is a Seeker fellowship tasked with the protection of the south-eastern parts of the Black Forest's border.


Pilgrim's Watch, in addition to their duty to patrol the Black Forest's border, is the archetypal Seeker fellowship. They are the face of the Seekers to the public, and it's part of their duties to make appearances in the diplomatic endeavors of the church of Resounding Truth and during festivities held or sponsored by the church, such as the Visionary Gala.
  This is both to demonstrate the military power of the church, and also to bolster the morale of the people, who see the Seekers as the one and only line of defense against the horrors of the Black Forest, after the Eternal Hymn, of course.
  Due to this, Pilgrim's Watch is viewed less favorably by the other fellowships, who consider them poster boys that get special treatment from the church. The Seekers of the fellowship are not exactly fond of their additional duties either, seeing keeping up appearances a distraction from the actual purpose of the Seekers, which is to contain the Black Forest's denizens within its borders.


Like the Circle of Dawn, Pilgrim's Watch consists of over two thousand Seekers and several hundreds of service staff, all of them housed in Sanctum and the surrounding grounds. Neophytes and squires have their own fortress on the grounds, and are invited into Sanctum proper once their training is complete.
  This usually involves a graduation ceremony during which the commander of the fellowship, Seeker-Captain Traven, knights the new Seeker and the day is spent celebrating their success as an equal for the first time.

Notable equipment

As far as equipment goes, Pilgrim's Watch continues to be the archetypal Seeker fellowship and does not really deviate from what the church espouses. Like the other fellowships, Seekers of the Watch carry weapons of Weeping Steel and vials of the Tears of the Divine.
  What the Watch is known for, however, is swordsmanship that is above and beyond what the other Seekers commit themselves to. A Seeker of the Watch is an excellent warrior that few men could boast to match, much less defeat on the field of battle.
Valiant hearts, indignant blades.
–The motto of Pilgrim's Watch
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
A seeker of Pilgrim's Watch

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