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Viktor Traven

Seeker-Captain Viktor Traven is a man of unshakable conviction and resolve, for better or worse. He is the longest serving Seeker-Captain by a large margin and a veteran of three separate Host uprisings. He leads Pilgrim's Watch, the fellowship of Seekers tasked with the protection of the section of the border of the Black Forest nearest to the Mourning Plateau.
  His father was an Orator and his mother an abbess of the church of Resounding Truth, so he has lived his whole life with close relations to the church, which makes it perhaps unsurprising that he would pursue the path he has. A contemplative and kind man, Viktor is often mistaken for a stern, joyless grouch due to his grizzled looks which saddens him, though he would never admit that.  

Early life

Viktor was born to Fransisca and Boris Traven, in their homestead located in the verdant meadows of Haven. As soon as he could walk, his parents had a tough time keeping up with him, as he climbed fences, trees, buildings and livestock the moment he wasn't being watched. In his teens, Viktor was already intimately familiar with the church, having joined the choir at the behest of his father. Later on, he got obsessed with the idea of becoming a Seeker and spent most of his free time training both mentally and physically.
  Initially, his parents were against the idea, not wanting their son to risk his life, but after some discussion about the importance of their duties to the church, Viktor managed to convince his parents that it was what he was meant to be. A year later, he passed the grueling tests and was inaugurated into Pilgrim's Watch as a squire and moved into their base of operations near Druvenia, where he began to take part in patrols.

Current events

Currently, Viktor is the Seeker-Captain of Pilgrim's Watch, overseeing the entire fellowship's operations and relaying information to and from the church. He still takes part in patrols, but considerably less frequently than he used to due to having other, bureaucratic duties to attend to. This frustrates the man greatly, as he likes to maintain that he is a Seeker, not a scribe. During especially slow days when he has no other duties than to answer to correspondences from the church and the other Seeker fellowships, he secretly wishes for a Host incursion just to give himself a reason to ditch the inkwell and draw his sword.


Renaud Whitedew

Associate (Important)

Towards Viktor Traven



Viktor Traven

Associate (Vital)

Towards Renaud Whitedew




Viktor had already been a Seeker-Captain for over two decades when Renaud was instated to his position as head of the Stoic Vigil. Initially, Viktor regarded Renaud as an inexperienced pup, a young hothead who would get his men and himself killed with his recklessness.
  As time passed, however, the old Seeker came to respect Renaud as an equal, though he has never shown it in any explicit manner and continues to treat Renaud rather rudely when they are in a public setting. Whether or not this is due to a strict adherence to protocol or not wanting to be seen as soft remains unanswered.

Nicknames & Petnames

Due to his rather sour appearance and manner, Renaud often calls Viktor "Graven", a playful twist on his family name of Traven.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Being Seeker-Captains, both Renaud and Viktor regularly interact with eachother, if not in person then through correspondence. Whenever they find the time, the two meet either in Sanctum or Seastone Bastion for a drink, a few rounds of Serendart and plentiful discussion.

Did I ever tell you that my father tried to get me to follow in his footsteps as an Orator?
  He abandoned that idea quickly once he heard me sing.
–Viktor Traven
Current Status
Leading Pilgrim's Watch
Current Location
Shoulder length, aged white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Resounding Truth
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