Mourning Plateau

The Mourning Plateau is a large steppe situated between the city-state of Druvenia and the eastern border of the Black Forest. Due to its proximity to the Black Forest and its arid nature, the Mourning Plateau is sparsely settled and the Pale Men are virtually the only people to live there, leading a nomadic lifestyle.
  In the darkness of the night, one can see the lights casting off of the bonfires of the Pale Men, sending plumes of smoke into the starry night sky. Closer to the border of the Black Forest, the incessant wailing and lamentations of the unfortunate shades trapped on the other side of the treeline chill those passing by to their core.

Flora and fauna

The plateau is an arid, desolate place where only the hardiest of plants and animals can survive and thrive, being a home to several species of birds of prey and reptiles of all kinds. For mammals, only the stout Emperor Rams eke out an existence among the sparse vegetation and dry weather.
Nothing but dry grass and buzzards that way.
–Druvenian gatekeeper
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The Mourning Plateau, arid and vast

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