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Renaud Whitedew

Of Glarithian descent, Renaud Whitedew is the Seeker-Captain of the Stoic Vigil and the commander of the Unbroken, the flagship of the fellowships fleet.

Early life

Born into wealth and power, Renaud lacked for nothing as a child. He was given the finest upbringing and education by servants and maids who loved him like their own child, something his father did not. This was because, during childbirth, his mother died due to complications and his father could not help but to hate him for it.
  House Whitedew owns several trade vessels, one of which Renaud was put in charge of at the age of fifteen, and captained it for several years without incident, earning the trust and respect of the crew, who he wanted to spend time with more than his servants and bitter father back at home. Sailing the Arcansea, their ship would often pass by the vessels of the Stoic Vigil, which Renaud beheld with reverent awe.
  So it came to pass that when Renaud became of age, he approached his father with the request to join the Seekers, who was only pleased that the spawn he loathed would be leaving the estate for good. He was accepted for apprenticeship and was assigned to the Stoic Vigil due to his experience captaining a ship.


Turns out that when one has lived a life of luxury and wanting for nothing, taking orders does not come very naturally. This was the case with Renaud, who struggled to adjust to being completely irrelevant, a neophyte who was considered more of a burden than an asset and often put to scrubbing the decks just so they could be out of the way. The backbreaking labor of hauling cargo and hoisting the sails was humiliating to the young man of noble birth, but little by little he began to get used to it.
  It wasn't until his very first taste of real action that the last vestiges of his proud cocksurety were shed. A Hateling of immense size was spotted slithering into the waters of the Arcansea, and the fellowship was called to action. When the ships intercepted the monster on its way towards Seastone Bastion, all hell broke loose. Renaud found himself too scared to act, as razor sharp tentacles from the deep with screaming mouths latched onto the ship and began to slice into his fellow crewmembers, some of which he had become good friends with. As blood painted the deck red Renaud sobbed in the crow's nest trying his best to ignore the screaming, both of his friends and that of the monstrosity, below.
  Eventually, the crews of the other ships managed to kill the nightmarish beast and, upon finding Renaud climbing down from the mast, assumed he was the last survivor of the massacre by virtue of unbreakable spirit and strength of arm. He was promoted on the spot, earning the title of Seeker. He was too afraid of the consequences to correct the assumption his comrades had made and to this day, no one but Renaud himself knows the truth about the incident. But this tragedy was not without merit, as Renaud was a changed man afterwards. He endeavored to be worthy of the titles that were bestowed upon him and, in doing so, he climbed the ranks of the Vigil.
  At the young age of twenty-five, Renaud was elected to the position of Seeker-Captain, assuming command of the entire fellowship, resolving never to repeat the negligence he demonstrated during that fateful day.

Current events

With the recent increase in disturbances within the borders of the Black Forest, Seeker-Captain Whitedew has ordered ships of the fleet to stand-by along the shoreline of the wretched forest. The crews of these ships are to work in shifts, and are relieved and replaced every two days by another crew from Seastone Bastion.
  He is also devoting a few ships, including the Unbroken, to the hunt of Captain Morana, the cold-hearted leader of the Sable Sirens


Renaud Whitedew

Associate (Important)

Towards Viktor Traven



Viktor Traven

Associate (Vital)

Towards Renaud Whitedew




Viktor had already been a Seeker-Captain for over two decades when Renaud was instated to his position as head of the Stoic Vigil. Initially, Viktor regarded Renaud as an inexperienced pup, a young hothead who would get his men and himself killed with his recklessness.
  As time passed, however, the old Seeker came to respect Renaud as an equal, though he has never shown it in any explicit manner and continues to treat Renaud rather rudely when they are in a public setting. Whether or not this is due to a strict adherence to protocol or not wanting to be seen as soft remains unanswered.

Nicknames & Petnames

Due to his rather sour appearance and manner, Renaud often calls Viktor "Graven", a playful twist on his family name of Traven.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Being Seeker-Captains, both Renaud and Viktor regularly interact with eachother, if not in person then through correspondence. Whenever they find the time, the two meet either in Sanctum or Seastone Bastion for a drink, a few rounds of Serendart and plentiful discussion.

Remember, lads! It is I who has to stay behind with the ship if we cock this up!
  So may I humbly request that we try and avoid said outcome?
–Seeker-Captain Whitedew to his crew
Current Status
Leading the Stoic Vigil
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Wavy brown
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Resounding Truth
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