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Seastone Bastion

The headquarters for the Seeker fellowship known as the Stoic Vigil, Seastone Bastion is a shoreline fortress located due south of the Mourning Plateau, on the shore of the Arcansea.  


Seastone Bastion, before it was taken over by the Stoic Vigil, served as a port and dry-dock for the many trading ships that frequented the area. It still retains some of these services, provided by the shipwrights of the fellowship when their own ships are not docked at the bastion. The fellowship takes a nominal payment for these services, seeing them as part of their duties as Seekers.
  Seastone Bastion and Wapemond Harbor work closely together, as the bastion acts as the most secure place to offload goods and disperse them throughout the continent.
Ship approaching, sir! Flying the colors of Wapemond Harbor!
–The crier of Seastone Bastion
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Part of the dock of Seastone Bastion

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