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Wapemond Harbor

Smallest of all the city-states by far, Wapemond Harbor makes up for its miniscule size via its importance. It is through here that most trading ships load and off-load their goods as they are delivered to places all across the continent.

Leadership and tenancy

Ruled by a democratically chosen governor, Wapemond Harbor is a utopia for the working man, and many are those who seek to make a home in the idyllic island settlement. However, it is not as easy as just moving into Wapemond, as residents are required to either be part of a crew on an active ship or have invested large sums of money in the harbor's many businesses, the owners of which can then vouch for the prospective tenant.
  Once tenancy is achieved, the newly minted citizen must provide proof of continued occupation aboard a ship annually, or continue financially supporting the businesses that sponsored their tenancy for an agreed upon sum each month. In the latter case, costs of living such as rent for a property are waived as the support given to local businesses is considered due payment for continued tenancy.

Wapemond Harbor and the Church of Resounding Truth

As one might assume, Wapemond Harbor is far removed from the horrors of the Black Forest and on the island getaway, it seems such evils do not even exist. Of course, the chapel of the church of Resounding Truth built on the island, from which floats the airy melody of the Eternal Hymn on the ocean breeze, is a stark reminder that they do. Even here, the furthest inhabited place from the Heart of Hate, humanity is ever vigilant.
  Wapemond Harbor also works closely together with Seastone Bastion, the headquarters of the Stoic Vigil, whose port acts as another hub of trade.
Looking to get drunk?
  Lay a gal or a stud?
  Come right on inside! We've got all that and more!
–The usher for the Coral Lounge
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Due to its location on a relatively small island, Wapemond Harbor employs a lot of verticality in its buildings


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