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The Unbroken

The legendary flagship of the fleet of the Stoic Vigil, The Unbroken is a ship of the line of considerable size, crewed by Seekers of the Vigil hardened by the tribulations faced by the near-mythical vessel.

A Saga of Survival

The Unbroken (then Sterling Star) was built specifically to serve as the flagship of the Stoic Vigil, in response to the increased activity of the Black Forest. During its maiden voyage, the Sterling Star encountered a colossal leviathan-like Hateling, a creature so massive it dwarfed the ship many times over. Not wanting such a threat to roam the Arcansea freely, the crew intercepted it.
  The battle was fierce, with the ship and its crew fighting valiantly against the monstrous beast. The Sterling Star nearly split in half under the relentless battering of the humongous Hateling but eventually emerged victorious, a testament to the crew's unwavering determination and the ship's exceptional design.
  As time went on, the Sterling Star faced more encounters with equally fearsome monsters that slid into the Arcansea from the fetid shores of the Black Forest. Each time, it suffered near catastrophic damage, but its crew's resilience and skill managed to carry them through by a hair's breadth. Through battles against many-limbed horrors of the deep, serpentine abominations, and other detestable beasts, the ship continued to withstand the onslaught, earning a reputation for its tenacity and strength. It was at this time that the ship was renamed, given its prestigious title of Unbroken.   The crew of the Unbroken became known as an elite force, hardened by their experiences and bonded by the shared trials they had faced. The captain's cabin was adorned with the trophies of victories, like the scale of a serpent-like beast, the shattered horn of a terror from the depths, and other symbols of triumph over the most fearsome aquatic spillage from the Black Forest.

Legendary Influence

The stories of the Unbroken have spread far and wide, inspiring hope and courage in the hearts of humanity, proof that the evils of the Black Forest can be beaten back.
  Its name has become synonymous with resilience and determination, and wherever the ship docks, people will celebrate its presence and honor the crew with gifts and adoration. They will receive free food and lodging in local taverns and inns, and most dockyards will refit and resupply the ship free of charge. All this is viewed as the least the people can do for these legendary seafarers who keep the most demanding borders of the Black Forest secure.   The Unbroken sails as a living legend, a symbol of survival and triumph against all odds, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who refuse to be broken.
Have you ever seen a finer vessel?
  Just the way the wind catches its sails and the sun glints off of the gilded embellishments makes me miss my seafaring days.
–A retired sailor to his son, at the docks of Wapemond Harbor
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The Unbroken

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