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Hatelings are not a specific species per se, but rather the physical manifestations of the Adversary's seething nightmares spilling into reality from its restless dreaming. Varying wildly in shape and size, hatelings can appear to be almost anything, from clearly humanoid proportions to nearly formless abominations of gnashing teeth and flailing limbs.


Hatelings are encountered only within the borders of the Black Forest, as any that attempt to leave the cursed woods are destroyed on sight by Seeker patrols. They are extremely dangerous and cannot be communicated nor reasoned with, and usually spell the end of anyone unfortunate enough to come across one unarmed and untrained. At rare occasions, Hatelings swarm and form what is known as the Host, a massive gathering of Hatelings that is hellbent on breaking out of the Black Forest.


While there is a dizzying variety of different kinds of Hatelings, there are some that can be categorized via their recognizable forms and behavioral patterns.
These include;
In the forest the Hatelings dwell,
  Where the light of the sun cannot swell,
  Don't stray too far from the path you know well,
  Or they'll snatch you up and drag you to hell.

  –Cautionary limerick often sung to children by their parents
by AI-generated
A Hateling

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