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Content Warning: Description of graphic violence

    The Hemogorge is a type of Hateling encountered near and within the Gutmire. A large insect-like creature, the Hemogorge buzzes around the swampland, looking for sustenance.


The Hemogorge resembles a huge fly or a mosquito, though it does not possess a proboscis. Instead, the underside of its thorax and abdomen is lined with multiple human-like mouths which snarl and snap their teeth constantly. Its wings are membranous material that resembles human skin stretched to near transparency, the high-frequency flapping of said wings producing a distinct buzzing sound that is audible to a radius of over hundred feet.
  The Hemogorge does not appear to have any sort of visual structures, at least not in any capacity known to the peoples of Nascindor. It is more likely to hunt with its other senses, such as smell or perhaps sensation.


Once a Hemogorge finds suitable prey, it dives in and latches itself around the victim by wrapping its legs around them. At this point, it hugs the victim tightly, pressing its mouths against them which begin to tear into the victim's flesh to induce heavy bleeding. When it has secured the prey, it flies off with it in tow.
  After this point, predator and prey form a symbiotic relationship in which the Hemogorge feeds on the blood of the prey, while the prey is kept alive with the by-products of the Hemogorges revolting bodily functions that it regurgitates directly into the digestive tract of the victim. Due to this, the victim of a Hemogorge can stay alive for months after initial predation before blood loss finally claims them, at which point the dessicated corpse is released and falls into the mire below, nourishing the pulsing fleshy broth.
Heavens... wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
–A Seeker inspecting the remains of a Hemogorge's victim
by Midjourney
A Hemogorge at the border of the Death's Head Orchard and the Gutmire

Cover image: by Midjourney


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