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The nauseating stench of rotting flesh is the first sign that you are nearing the Gutmire, a huge swamp situated inside the Black Forest. A horrifying marshland of fleshy vegetation and gristle opens up before you, and the hellish gleam of the distant Heart of Hate only deepens the reds of the disgusting landscape.
  Gorewillows, trees that breathe and wheeze as their intestine-like roots slither in the noxious slime looking for anything to pull into their shuddering mass, dot the swamp and the air is dominated by Hemogorges that buzz and flit to and fro in the rancid bog. Those that are not snatched up by the Gorewillows or drained dry by the flying abominations will have to be careful not to run into Bogharrows, or their romp in the mire will be very short indeed.   The Gutmire is as far as the Seekers will patrol into the Black Forest, and the Arachnitha of Yng'zheb consider the marsh plentiful hunting grounds.


The Gutmire is unique in that it is a landscape formed from flesh and viscera that seems to be nourished by the fetid, viscous fluid that flows in the swampy terrain in place of water. Samples taken from the fleshy growths of the mire have been observed to grow into grotesque Hatelings within a day of procurement, implying that being severed from the mire itself triggers some kind of accelerated evolution in the tissue. This makes extensive research impossible unless conducted on-site, which itself poses several problems for any prospective researchers.
The smell is the worst part.
  You never get used to it.
–A Seeker when asked about the Gutmire
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The Gutmire in all its revolting glory

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