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It is unclear whether Gorewillows are a type of Hateling, or merely trees warped by the Adversary's influence, but they are nightmarish all the same. Resembling large oaks or willows, but instead of bark and leaves, these monstrous trees are covered in what seems to be red skin or flesh, and the gnarled branches sprout veins and arteries. Their roots are like lengths of intestine that burrow into the sodden ground from which they suck whatever sustenance they can.
  Should something living wander too close to a Gorewillow, the aforementioned roots will snatch the unsuspecting prey and drag it into the main ”body” of the tree to be drained of all vital fluids.
  As they are immobile and only a danger to those that stray close, Gorewillows are considered to be little more than disturbing curiosities by the Seekers, a testament that the Black Forest in itself is dangerous, not just its denizens.

True Nature

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The Gorewillows are, in truth, the victims of the Loathing. This corruption, radiated by the Heart of Hate, warps those who linger in the Black Forest into these horrid trees.
Ever seen a tree eat a man whole?
  Don't worry, you will.
–Seeker-Captain Greystone to a fresh recruit
by AI-generated
A Gorewillow

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