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Content Warning: Description of violence

    Bogharrows are large, ghastly Hatelings found exclusively in the Gutmire, raking the fetid sludge with their elongated, ghoulish fingers in search of prey. Once they have something in their gangly, multi-jointed fingers they will proceed to painstakingly break the victims bones, seemingly delighting in the pain and suffering that they inflict. Once the victim is little more than a sack of flesh wrapped around broken bones, the bogharrow reluctantly ends their suffering by tossing the remains to a nearby Gorewillow, which will drag the hapless victim into its wriggling mass.
  Interestingly, Bogharrows seem to be somewhat social creatures and so it is not unusual for two or more of these monsters to hunt the same prey should they happen upon the chase either by mistake or intentionally. They also share in the ”spoils”, and crush their prey cooperatively, manhandling the victim from multiple angles simultaneously and often severing extremities in the process.
  As the Gutmire is the cut-off point for Seeker patrols, Bogharrows are rarely encountered by humans and remain little more than a story to frighten children with, albeit a true one.
May a Bogharrow break my bones
–An often used expression when one wants to convince others that they are being truthful
by Midjourney
A Bogharrow stalking the Gutmire

Cover image: by Midjourney


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