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Lumbering titans of sinewy flesh and gnashing teeth, Howlers are terror in physical form. Seekers who have come across and even slain Howlers describe their encounters as harrowing and survivors have often retired due to such a meeting. The official stance of the Seekers is that Howlers should be avoided whenever possible, even if one is in possession of the element of surprise.  


Usually taking the form of a fleshy giant that moves on two or more trunk-like arms, while its abdomen is a dripping stump with exposed vertebrae that hangs limply underneath its considerable heft. Its eyes mirror the malevolent glare of the Heart of Hate, and gazing into them is said to sap the bravery of the most stalwart of heroes. The massive maw of a Howler is lined with yellowed, razor sharp teeth capable of puncturing through plate armor with disturbing ease.


When the vile creature notices something it wants to kill, it begins to scream. The ear splitting, warbling screeching is not only dangerous due to its volume, but because it is so disturbing that prolonged exposure often results in the loss of sanity.
  The skin of a Howler is a bark-like substance that bleeds black, tar-like fluid when pierced. This ”blood” is incredibly virulent, even brief contact with it produces an agonizing flesh-eating infection that spreads with alarming speed. In fact, being sprayed with a Howler's blood will usually result in death if the victim does not receive immediate medical attention. Those who have been saved from this fate speak of a feeling of dread that lingers long after their symptoms have subsided.
You cannot imagine the sound.
  It is something that human ears were not meant to hear.
–Seeker Hardcliffe when questioned about his encounter with a Howler
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A howler

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