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Lucid Path

Lucid Path is the loosely organized religion that centers around the spiritual worship of the Varlem Desert, or rather the gestalt consciousness it seems to possess. Adherents of the Lucid Path are often called Varlemites.


The faithful are usually minimalist in nature, espousing a simplistic lifestyle and wearing unremarkable robes of common fabrics. They believe that this life that they are living is not real, and that the consciousness of the Varlem Desert is their creator doing its best trying to call its creations home from this dreamworld, that the bizarre anomalies of the desert are glimpses into the real world that awaits the faithful.
  To this end, the ultimate goal of a Varlemite is to abandon all of his or hers mundane obligations and voyage into the heart of the desert (quite literally traversing the titular Lucid Path), where they believe they will awaken into their real lives, under the loving care of the god they believe to be calling for them. This ritualistic voyage is referred to as the Returning.
  When confronted by the argument that the desert seems to guide people away from itself rather than towards the center, Varlemites attribute this to the person in question not being spiritually ready for their awakening, arguing that when one is ready, one is allowed to walk the path.

Relations with the Church of Resounding Truth

As the Lucid Path implies that the Progenitor is not actually the creator god, but yet another part of the supposed dream that is Nascindor, the church of Resounding Truth considers it a heretical cult, no better than the Congregation of Witnesses.
One day, I will walk the path home.
–A Varlemite mantra
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