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Glarithia is, in many ways, the so-called ”capital” among all of the city-states of humanity. It boasts the largest population and infrastructure, as well as an astounding artistic community, owing to the Glarithian Academy of Arts that is located within the walls of the city. Ruled by an oligarchical parliament of nobility and its laws enforced by the guard regiments of said nobles, Glarithia experiences its fair share of political corruption, but it is fairly unintrusive in the daily lives of its citizens, who are some of the happiest throughout all of the city-states. Glarithia is, for all intents and purposes, the beating heart of humanity on Nascindor.
  Located in the temperate lowlands of eastern Nascindor, Glarithia stretches from the shores of the Arcansea to the meadows of Haven. Natural beauty is appreciated by its citizenry, so there are trees, shrubberies and flowers planted all around the city in dazzling configurations. In the highest tier at the top of the hill the city is built around, lies the Everlasting Edifice, the seat of power of the church of Resounding Truth.
  The people of Glarithia are hospitable and eager to mingle, though they are seen a bit snobby and self-important by those not hailing from their fair city. The social divide between nobility and the common folk is surprisingly slim, and it is not at all uncommon to see nobles and commoners alike sharing a meal in the various inns and restaurants, or debating some topic or another in the parks and public forums.


Glarithia is a melting pot of all kinds of artistic communities, philosophical societies and humanistic endeavors. Not a week goes by that there isn't an event or parade celebrating one thing or another, and all of these are community efforts to which even the nobility contribute to.
  One of these is particularly prestigious, the annual Visionary Gala held within the walls of the Academy of Arts. It is a night of revelry that includes but is not limited to dance performances, premieres of the works of noteworthy artists, public debates between great thinkers, pioneering musical acts and the main event which is the collaborative painting of one of the walls of the academy, thousands of people giving the work their little personal touches. This artwork, which is considered to be the purest expression of the Glarithian spirit, is then allowed to remain on the wall until the next gala, when it will be painted over by the next iteration.  


The people of Glarithia are often considered by outsiders to be stuck up and holier-than-thou, but this is not a complete image of the true Glarithian, who is first and foremost a gentle soul who wishes for nothing more than mutual understanding between all peoples so that the artist they believe lives in each and every soul can surface and share with the world its unique insights and works, so that others may awaken in a similar fashion and enrich the world further.
  The model Glarithian hates discord and especially wars, which they see as brutish and completely at odds with the human spirit. Due to this, Glarithians and Telothians often engage in heated debates about the topic. To have a Glarithian as a friend or significant other is a treasure that one should cherish, as they retain some of that bright-eyed optimism and near-naïveté that is sorely lacking on Nascindor.
It is my masterpiece!
–Every Glarithian artist, when revealing their newest artwork
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The Glarithian Academy of Arts

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