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Everlasting Edifice

In the highest tier of Glarithia, where the roofs of the buildings kiss the sky, the Everlasting Edifice stands as a monument to humanity's devotion to their divine charge.
  The most glorious of all the grand cathedrals, the edifice serves as the seat of power for the church of Resounding Truth.


The Everlasting Edifice is the largest and first cathedral built by the church of Resounding Truth. It was built last when Glarithia was founded shortly after the Great Forest's corruption, to act as a capstone to the awe-inspiring city.
  For centuries it has stood as a shining beacon of the faith, a counterpart both geographically and conceptually, to the Heart of Hate.
  After the events of the Unveiling, the dastardly plot to silence the Eternal Hymn dreamt up by the deranged Congregation of Witnesses, the edifice served as a refuge and sanctuary for the remaining Orators until new ones could be trained.

Cultural and Political Significance

It is in the Everlasting Edifice that the Hierarch, the highest official of the church, resides and provides their counsel from. People from all over Nascindor journey to the edifice on pilgrimage, both to beseech the Hierarch, and to witness the enshrined hymnal that was given to man by the Progenitor so long ago.
  Due to the necessity of the church of Resounding Truth, it wields considerable political power, so the Edifice also houses the parliament hall, where the noble houses of Glarithia decide upon the future of the city-state, with the guidance of the church, of course.
  This is true for all the city-states, as they've all pledged themselves to the sacred mission imparted by the Progenitor, only the details vary. In Druvenia, for example, where the bizarre Sullen Council rules over the city-state, they too have sworn to promote the faith.

The Edifice and the Seekers

The Everlasting Edifice holds special significance to the Seeker fellowships, whose members are required to journey to the Edifice and touch the hymnal stored within as the final part of an annual pilgrimage that sees them visit all of the city-states and cathedrals. It is meant to be both a spiritual journey as well as a reminder of what the Seeker is risking his or her life for in the Black Forest.
  The arrival of such pilgrim knights is a joyous occasion, and it is customary for the custodians of the Edifice to provide bystanders with baskets of petals to decorate the path of the visiting Seekers with.
  In addition, the Edifice houses the personal quarters of the Lord Protector, the supreme commander of the Seekers who all the Seeker-Captains of the fellowships report to.
All those years I wasted under the earth, when such radiant beauty awaited me above it.
  If I had but the means, I would weep.
Xyp'sho, when laying eyes upon the Everlasting Edifice for the first time
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The radiant glory of the Everlasting Edifice

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