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Lucian Andronikos

The current Lord Protector, a brilliant strategist, an intellectual and a devoted servant of the church, Lucian Andronikos is the man upon whose shoulders rests the unenviable task of leading the Seekers in the containment efforts of the Black Forest.

Early Life

Born in Onset-1, Lucian is the son of an inventor and an investor whose affair was born from a business partnership and later blossomed into romance.
  Lucian's upbringing was marked by the convergence of innovative thinking and strategic acumen, elements nurtured by his parents. Growing up amidst the whirring gears of his father's workshop and the strategic discussions between his parents about their business, he imbibed a unique blend of creative ingenuity and calculated risk-taking. But unlike his mother and father, Lucian found that there was a pit in his soul which could not be filled with tinkering nor bought at a marketplace.
  In the quietude of his solitary moments, away from the clatter of inventors' tools and the echoes of boardroom deliberations, Lucian sought solace in contemplation. He wandered the maze of his own thoughts, seeking meaning beyond the realms of material success and intellectual brilliance.   This introspective quest ultimately led Lucian to the Resounding Truth, the teachings of the church resonating with his own views. He knew that men were destined for more than the mundane toil and trouble that characterized the lives of so many. He truly believed that the Progenitor had chosen humanity, and that it was an honor to be anointed in such a way.
  Lucian resigned from his position on the board of his parents' business, dedicating his life to spiritual pursuits. He became a priest, delivering spirited sermons to the faithful in the chapel of Onset-1. Under the tutelage of revered mentors and scholars, Lucian delved into ancient scriptures, studied the intricacies of religious philosophy, and honed his oratory skills to articulate profound spiritual truths. He even thought of taking up the mantle of an Orator, but decided against it when he was called to the Everlasting Edifice to bless those who were about to start their own spiritual paths as Seekers.
  Seeing men and women who were so eager to lay down their life for Nascindor, Lucian himself was inspired to do his part. Applying for the position of strategic advisor for the Lord Protector, he was promptly chosen for the job, owing to his experience making impactful decisions. He played his role and aided the Lord Protector in his strategic deliberations for over two decades, and the respect he garnered wasn't merely due to his aptitude or title but stemmed from the genuine care he exhibited for the Seekers' mission.

Stepping up

Time spares no one, and thus it came to pass that the Lord Protector fell terminally ill. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the pressing need for continuity in leadership, the church turned its gaze toward Lucian. His reputation as a sage strategist, his unwavering commitment, and the depth of his spiritual insight made him a compelling candidate to become the next Lord Protector.
  Reluctant yet resolute, Lucian accepted the daunting mantle that fate had unexpectedly thrust upon him. His ascension to the role of Lord Protector was sanctioned and sanctified by the Hierarch in a ceremony that all the available Seekers attended, each one swearing loyalty to their new commander.
  Not much later, sickness claimed the man who used to be Lord Protector and as a mark of reverence and commemoration for the departed leader, Lucian decreed the date a solemn day of mourning, to be observed annually—a day of reflection and remembrance for the sacrifices that continue to be made to safeguard Nascindor from the hateful Adversary.

Victory and honor

During the two following decades after his inauguration, Lucian's strategic acumen, fortified by his spiritual insights, propelled the Seekers to achieve incremental victories in containing the encroaching darkness of the forest. His visionary directives paved the way from mere reactionary measures to proactive initiatives that the fellowships, especially the Circle of Dawn headed by Wilhelm Greust, took to with zeal.
  Keenly aware of the shifting situations at the borders of the forest, Lucian seemed able to almost divine the intentions of the massing Hatelings and to stamp them out before they could grow too numerous to contain by a lone fellowship. While Lucian is bothered by the fact that his position as Lord Protector forbids him from personally containing the horrors of the forest, he also understands that he is as much a symbol as he is a man and that his death at the claws of a Hateling would be a momentous blow to morale, just as it had been when Eleanora Ashford fell in the line of duty.
  Therefore, Lucian accepts and even embraces the role of the strategist, leading from the operations room of the Everlasting Edifice via correspondence.


As Lord Protector, Lucian oversees and sanctions all the movements and actions undertaken by the Seekers. The Seeker-Captains, entrusted with the leadership of their respective fellowships, provide Lucian with detailed weekly reports encompassing troop movements, casualties, resource consumption, and equipment usage. These reports serve as the bedrock of Lucian's decision-making process, offering a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape within the grim confines of the Black Forest and its borders.
  Lucian's leadership must entwine pragmatism and compassion in equal measure and while steering the Seekers toward their objectives, he must remain attuned to the toll exacted by the heavy burden of their mission and the lives it claims. He must recognize the sacrifices made by the Seekers and endeavor to mitigate their burdens, ensuring that their efforts are both purposeful and sustainable. To this end, Lucian favors the approach of abundance, reasoning that well-fed, well-equipped and well-rested men are not only better fighters, but also strong in spirit and purpose. It helps that the coffers of the church are practically bursting with capital with which to requisition supplies.

Recent developments

As the shadows within the forest deepen and whispers portending the awakening of the Adversary grow louder, Lucian has stepped forward with a renewed sense of resolve. He has convened councils, drawing upon the wisdom of the most astute minds among the Seekers, priests of the Resounding Truth, and scholars of the Enlightened Few.
  His objective is clear: to devise a comprehensive strategy that not only contains the escalating threat but also seeks to understand its origins and to unearth a sustainable solution for containment or eradication.
If you are to take to heart one thing from my rambling, let it be this.
  You are not alone. To your left and to your right stand your brothers, your sisters. United by divine purpose, you are of one flesh, of one mind. Trust in one another. Trust that, if you reach out your hand, another will reach out to pull you to your feet.
  And finally, trust in me. Trust that I will do everything in my power to make sure you will not fall to darkness.
–Lucian Andronikos, the closing statement of the speech he gave during his inauguration
Current Location
Dark Brown
Sleek, gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
5'11 / 180cm
149lbs / 68kg
Aligned Organization
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