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Enlightened Few

Pluthem is a city of magic, and such a place is naturally ruled by mages. The Enlightened Few is both a guild of mages as well as the ruling body of Pluthem, headed by Grand Vizier and guildmaster Zakiyah Farek. It is an organization with a loose hierarchy based upon one's proficiency at projecting into and manipulating the Tapestrum Arcanum.
  Anyone can apply to join the Enlightened Few, from the lowliest street urchin to the richest merchant of Pluthem, all that matters is that you can project and are willing to hone your magecraft. The guild also has sizable divisions devoted to scientific research and archaeology, and it is not uncommon for them to conduct field research all over Nascindor in search of wonders of old. These expeditions often employ guards hired from the Telothian Legion, and should their research take them into the Black Forest, they might be accompanied by a Seeker or two.
  There exists also a sub-faction within the Enlightened Few called the Voyagers, who devote their entire lives to the exploration of the Tapestry.
I do not care where you come from or how hard your life has been up to this point.
  All I care about is if you have what it takes to harness the Tapestry.
–Dean Fyodor Grumly of the House of Learning, addressing new pupils
Notable Members

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