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Pluthem, the city of mages, sits at the northern edge of the Varlem Desert. Dwarfed only by Glarithia, Pluthem is the second largest of the human city-states and is renowned for its guild of mages, the Enlightened Few, who also act as the ruling body of the city.
  Magic is everywhere in the arid streets of Pluthem as, unlike the other city-states that regulate the use of magic, the guild not only allows the practice of magic by anyone with the aptitude for it but encourages it, inviting those who show special promise to join their ranks by enrolling into the House of Learning.
  Being so close to the Varlem Desert, people in the many towers and spires of the city often catch glimpses of the bizarre anomalies that form and collapse ceaselessly in the distant dunes, making Pluthem a very attractive target for tourism.
  But to the guild, the desert represents a puzzle to be solved, not an attraction to be gawked at, and expeditionary caravans regularly depart into the scorching hot desert, the mages aboard hoping to be the first to unlock its myriad mysteries. To the west of the city lies the Rookery, which the guild supplies weekly and receives invaluable artifacts to research in return.
  Pluthem is also the home of the Varlemites, adherents of a religious organization called the Lucid Path that deifies the Varlem Desert, claiming its gestalt intelligence is a god.
Care for a magic trick, sir?
–One of the many charlatans of Pluthem
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