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While Onset-1 is technically a S'aue settlement, it is officially recognized as a city-state because it is populated largely by humans who share the thirst for knowledge and technological progress of the machine-men as well as there being a chapel of the Resounding Truth within the walls of the city.
  A sanctuary for forward thinkers, tinkerers and entrepreneurs of all kinds, Onset-1 closes its doors for no one, provided they abide by the rules set by the mayor, Flickstitch Mnemone. These rules are enforced by Peacekeepers, automated robotic guards created by the S'aue.
  The architecture of Onset-1 is a peculiar mix of pragmatic design and exposed machinery, making the entire city look like a partially disassembled watch when viewed from above. Outside its walls, great pumps siphon the soil for oil day and night, providing a background noise that those who wish to settle in the city will have to get used to.  


The co-existence and cooperation of humans and s'aue is a point of pride for the citizens of Onset-1, and they have little interest in the political squabbles that the other city-states get into, instead focusing on progress and expansion. There are think tanks and inventor cadres galore within the walls of the city, and the only way the citizens of Onset-1 know is forward. They express themselves through their creations, and only a Glarithian artist could claim to be more creative than an inventor from Onset-1.  


The hallmark feature of those who hail from Onset-1 is their boundless curiosity. He or she will want to know exactly how things work and goes on to explain how they could work even better. This makes their reception in the other city-states a mixed bag. Some welcome their inquisitive nature, while others cannot stand it and consider even a Druvenian pickpocket to be better company. This is not deliberate annoyance, however, as those from Onset-1 are genuinely so interested in the world around them and mean no harm when they bombard those they meet with questions.
Oh, that clock is keeping track of the time in Goptone Junction.
  That one is for us here in Onset-1.

–A S'aue pedestrian upon being asked for the time
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A busy street in Onset-1

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