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Trained by the church of Resounding Truth from adolescence, Orators are perhaps the single most important members of the church, as it falls unto them to perform the Eternal Hymn.
  Once the training of an Orator is complete, they will be assigned shifts during which they are to perform the hymn. These shifts are adhered to with the utmost precision, and the changing of the "guard" is done in a manner where the replacing Orator joins in on the one being replaced, who then gradually stops, so the hymn does not cease even for a second.
  Each chapel and cathedral employs at least as many Orators as is needed for the around-the-clock performance of the Eternal Hymn and often more than that, so they have contingencies for when one or more of them are not available for any reason. The usual shift of an Orator lasts between two and four hours, depending on how many of them are assigned to the chapel or cathedral.
  As Orators are so vital, their identities are often kept a secret so that those who might wish to see them dead, such as the deranged thralls of the Congregation of Witnesses, are left in the dark. This is achieved by Orators arriving to and leaving from their assigned chapels and cathedrals alongside processions of identically clad clergy.
There is something to be said about being able to sing for hours on end.
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