The Resonant are humongous, ranging from 20 to 50 feet tall, diamond-shaped creatures with stony exteriors and a single unblinking eye. These monolithic beings inhabit the Tyndarite Escarpment located within the Mistclad Cordillera, the mountain range in the northern reaches of Nascindor.
  Resonant communicate in tonal frequencies that other species can only perceive as vibrations. To date, no translation for the meanings of these frequencies and their timings has been devised, though research is ongoing. It is also unclear as to what extent the Resonant are sapient, though the consensus is that due to exhibiting signs of social hierarchy and intelligent response to external stimuli, they are at the very least self-aware.
  They propagate via ”shedding”, a process in which a Resonant's stony body expels several crystals that float towards all directions, settling down wherever they may land and, in the wake of centuries, transform into new Resonant.
  Perhaps the most peculiar behavior of the Resonant manifests when the Eternal Hymn is recited in their presence, as the creatures seem to repeat the melody through their tonal murmurings, as if it is familiar to them.

First Contact

When humanity first discovered the Tyndarite Escarpment, they also found the Resonant. Through their callous actions, the humans aggravated the Resonant, which flared into a full-blown conflict that history now remembers as the First Contact. Since then, relations between the crystalline colossi and mankind have healed.
Just think of what wonders they'd be able to teach us, if only we could understand them!
–Leader of a research expedition into the Tyndarite Escarpment
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A researcher standing directly underneath a Resonant to relay the scale of these creatures to the viewer

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