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Tyndarite, or "Echostone" as it is sometimes referred to, is a crystalline mineral that is found in the Mistclad Cordillera, especially in the Tyndarite Escarpment which is named after the mineral.


Tyndarite is classified as a "tonally active" substance, meaning that its tonal frequency can be changed by introducing changes into its vibration via sound. These changes in vibration can change the properties of the mineral drastically, even allowing it to change states from a solid to a gas or liquid, change its density many orders of magnitude lighter or heavier and introduce changes in hardness and brittleness.
  Research is ongoing as to just how much Tyndarite can be modified via these vibrational changes and blacksmiths, especially those from Telothia are working on figuring out ways to use the mineral for the forging of weapons and armor. The greatest hurdle for this endeavor is that there is no way to lock the tonal frequency that Tyndarite vibrates at, meaning that any and all sounds, even those produced by striking the material itself, can affect it even after it has been forged into a weapon or a piece of armor which understandably makes these tools of war highly unpredictable compared to traditional steel.
  Some researchers of the Enlightened Few posit that Tyndarite is magic in physical form, bleeding through from the Tapestrum Arcanum, though this theory is highly disputed, not in the least because Tyndarite is only found in the Mistclad Cordillera, while the Tapestrum wreathes the entirety of Nascindor.
Observe as I strike this chime.
  Do you see how it changes?
–Dean Fyodor Grumly of the House of Learning
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Tyndarite as it occurs naturally

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