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Pool of Tears

In each of the larger cathedrals of the church of Resounding Truth, in the hall in which the Eternal Hymn is performed, resides also the Pool of Tears.
  In the midst of this circular pool, a statue depicting the Progenitor is seated, and as the melody of the Eternal Hymn fills the hall, this statue weeps a clear liquid known as the Tears of the Divine which will slowly fill the pool over time. The Seekers carry several vials of it on their person, as it acts as a potent deterrent and even weapon against the Hatelings of the Black Forest.
  The statues doing this is considered a sign that the Progenitor is not truly gone by the most pious of the faithful, yet more level heads believe that this too is simply an extension of the Eternal Hymn's power. Whatever the case, the fluid has awe-inspiring, life-giving properties in addition to its ability to smite the Adversary's nightmares.


The tradition of including a Pool of Tears in the cathedrals is thought to have begun at the very beginning of the faith, when the Progenitor came plummeting onto Nascindor. It is believed that the very first place of worship for the religion that would come to be known as Resounding Truth was actually built around the very corpse of the Progenitor itself, and that the dead god's dimmed eyes also wept when the hymn was performed.
  Whether or not this myth holds true, it acts as the basis for the inclusion of the Pools of Tears in the building plans of new cathedrals.
Do you think it weeps for us?
–An Orator to a priest
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A Pool of Tears


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