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Sonorous Brotherhood

The Sonorous Brotherhood is an unsanctioned off-shoot of the church of Resounding Truth, which claims that the truest weapon against the Adversary's corrupting influence is not, in fact, the Eternal Hymn but the harmonies and tonalities used in it. To this end, the brotherhood toils to compose a new, more effective song to one day not only imprison the Adversary, but render it unable to dream up its abominations as well.
  To the church of Resounding Truth, this is blasphemy of the highest order. Not only does the brotherhood claim that the Progenitor's gift is flawed, but that they can perfect it, as if the grasp of mortals could exceed that of a god. Due to this, the members of the brotherhood are considered personae non gratae in practically all of the city-states of humanity, and many face exile or imprisonment due to their beliefs.
Flawed, I feel, is the wrong word.
  The Eternal Hymn is... incomplete.
–Brother Flaveus of the Sonorous Brotherhood
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A gathering of the Brotherhood

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