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Boudica Greystone

The Seeker-Captain of the Penitent Guard, Boudica Greystone is a shining example of the fellowships rehabilitative nature, as she herself lived a life of crime before her capture and eventual transferral to the fellowship.

Early Life

Boudica was born in Druvenia, daughter to a wealthy businessman dealing in the trade of weapons from the forges of Telothia which, while unsavoury warmongering, was a surprisingly honest living when it comes to a Druvenian entrepreneur. Due to this, Boudica had very little in common with others of her age, whose families were forced to cobble together a meager living through criminal activity such as theft, extortion and fraud.
  It is no wonder, then, that Boudica was a social pariah among her peers, considered a snob by those she would like to have called friends. And so, as youngsters often do, Boudica succumbed to peer pressure and took part in a mugging to secure some money for her friend. They were successful, but their victim had been the son of an influential member of the Midnight Exchange, who began an investigation into who had assaulted his boy. When he learned of those involved, he ordered the assassination of each of their parents, deeming it a suitable punishment to be made an orphan over a few coins.
  Like the barest breeze of wind, assassins slipped through the dark streets of Druvenia to deliver death to their targets. Boudica woke up to the sounds of a struggle in her father's quarters and rushed upstairs to investigate. When she opened the door, the black-clad murderer slit the throat of her father, a spray of crimson arcing onto Boudica and staining her face with the blood of her father. Shock overtook the girl and she fell to her knees, her eyes glazed over as her fathers gurgles died in his throat and he collapsed onto the floor of the study.
  The assassin, in an uncharacteristic pang of guilt, felt sorry for the girl he had just orphaned and in an equally uncharacteristic move he swiped the girl off her knees and carried her to the nearest hideout of the Midnight Exchange. There, the courtesans took pity on the poor girl and took care of her like she was their own collective child. It took over a year for Boudica to get over her grief and become accustomed to her new life, but eventually she did. Not having the taste for the work of a courtesan, she instead joined a band of smugglers holed up in Robber's Run, learning the ins and outs of transferring illegitimate goods and waylaying travelers.


Nothing lasts forever, and this was the case with Boudicas career in crime as well. After years of unrepentant banditry, Boudica was a young adult when forces from the Telothian Legion raided the caverns of Robber's Run, slaying and arresting a large number of the smugglers and thugs holed within.
  The gang was taken to Telothia for their trial and punishment. The martial court of Telothia is efficient and brutal, with little time spent mincing words. Most of the group were sentenced to summary execution outright, which also included Boudica. When they were stood on the gallows and asked for any final words, Boudica could no longer hold herself back, feeling as if life had dealt her a foul hand.
  And so she began to rant, cursing their captors and humanity altogether for being the way they are. As the outburst waned, she burst into tears and begged for the release of death, for she had nothing in this world anymore. It was at this moment a man in the crowd stepped forward and demanded the release of Boudica into his custody. To her great surprise, the executioner obeyed. The two walked away as her former comrades hanged.
  The man, revealing himself to be a Seeker of the Penitent Guard, clothed and fed Boudica, telling her of his fellowship and its purpose. Seeing no other direction for her life, Boudica followed the man to Contrition Lodge, the headquarters of the Penitent Guard. There, she was welcomed as an equal, every man and woman there seeking to wash themselves of their former sins. She trained and repented, eventually earning the right to wear the purple-garbed armor of the Penitent Guard and take part in patrols in the Black Forest.


The knowledge that each Hateling she slew, each blow and rake of claw she withstood was in the service of the peoples of Nascindor, that she was doing good, filled her with newfound purpose.
  Volunteering for every patrol she could, Boudica became an exemplar among her fellow repentants, urging them on to ever greater feats of self-sacrifice. This all came to a head during the third Host incursion, when Boudica nearly gave her own life in a heated battle against a Howler so that her comrades could continue their penance. It was only through sheer willpower that she survived that day, and perhaps a little due to the talented physicians of the Lodge that patched her together after the fact.
  Once it came time for the then Seeker-Captain to retire, the men and women of the Guard almost unanimously appointed Boudica to be his successor, a mantle that she took up, albeit begrudgingly. That was forty years ago, and Boudica has served the fellowship dutifully since then, espousing and nurturing the values of selflessness and sacrifice.

Recent activity

As the Black Forest stirs, the men and women of the Penitent Guard are ever ready to be the vanguard, the anvil upon which the first wave of abominations shall shatter. To this end, Boudica has reached out to the other Seeker-Captains, urging them to call upon the Guard's aid on short notice if need be.
Take my life, then. You've already taken everything else.
–Boudica Greystone, moments before her execution was halted
Current Status
Leading the Penitent Guard
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5'5 / 165cm
123lb / 55kg
Aligned Organization
by Dall-E 3
"Grace", a fanciful depiction of a younger Boudica Greystone painted by Xyp'sho the Elegant

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