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Penitent Guard

In the far north-west, wedged between the border of the Black Forest and the shore of the Arcansea lies the Contrition Lodge, where the fellowship of Seekers known as the Penitent Guard reside.


While the main function of the Penitent Guard is to protect the northern border of the Black Forest, the fellowship has a secondary function as a path to redemption for those in need of it. The men and women who join the Penitent Guard do not do so out of their own volition, but are rather appointed to its ranks as an alternative punishment for a wrongdoing. In this way, they earn pardon for their crimes and serve the interests of every soul on Nascindor.
  One would be excused if they thought that a fellowship consisting of criminals sounded like a bad idea, but the selection process for those whose sentences are considered for transferal to the fellowship is strict and aims to minimize the selection of anyone who is not genuinely remorseful for their deeds and seeks redemption from all their heart. Those who do not are often weeded out by the grueling training and choose to carry out the rest of their sentence in more traditional ways.
  Due to this, the Seekers of the Penitent Guard are some of the bravest and most zealous of all, often eschewing personal safety in favor of achieving an objective.


The Penitent Guard is the smallest of the fellowships, only consisting of around two hundred Seekers and the staff of the Contrition Lodge, around fifty men and women. This might seem like too few to perform their duties but there is no shortage of crime on Nascindor, meaning that there is a constant stream of new Seekers being sent to the lodge to recoup any losses the fellowship might incur during its operations.
  Due to its unique rehabilitative nature, the fellowship espouses a command structure where every Seeker, with the exception of the commander of the whole fellowship, Seeker-Captain Greystone, is an equal to all of his fellows. This means that the Penitent Guard is the only fellowship that does not accept neophytes or squires for training.

Notable equipment

In addition to the swords of Weeping Steel and vials of the Tears of the Divine carried by all Seekers, the Penitent Guard wear helmets which have spikes lining the inside which press into the scalp, as well as carrying around Vespers of Exoneration and whip-like chains for self-flagellation. These tools and the pain they inflict on the Seeker serve to remind them of why they do what they do, that they must earn the forgiveness they yearn for through tribulation and service. The fellowship also makes heavy use of scented oils and incense in ritual meditation.
Through service shall I reclaim my honor.
–The mantra of the Penitent Guard
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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A seeker of the Penitent Guard

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