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Corkstan Fluxfire

The only S'aue to ever grace the ranks of the Seekers, Corkstan Fluxfire has nonetheless not only survived in the Penitent Guard, but blossomed into a staunch defender of the peoples of Nascindor.  


Originally an enforcer by trade, Corkstan was hired muscle for some of the biggest shots of the Iron Cartel. In their service, he broke many a servo and spilled gallons of oil and blood, all so his bosses could reap the profits and he was left with whatever scraps they deigned to give him. Years upon years of perpetuating violence took its toll on Corkstan, who grew even more emotionally distant than what is considered normal for the S'aue.
  During a smuggling operation into Telothia, he and his crew were caught trying to sneak out a considerable shipment of Soulfire Dust and summarily court martialed in the halls of the Telothian Legion. They were found guilty, and sentenced to decommissioning and execution in Onset-1 the next day. During the following night, the crew broke out of their holding cells and made a break for it, fleeing through the Mourning Plateau towards the Black Forest, legionnaires on their heels.
  With no other alternatives, the group crossed the threshold into the cursed woods, miraculously avoiding Seeker patrols and managing to clear the Death's Head Orchard into the forest proper. Now in the single most dangerous place upon the face of Nascindor, the ragtag bunch faced the reality of having to navigate in the corrupted forest with no idea of their actual position. Corkstan quickly reasoned that whatever they do, they should move directly away from the Heart of Hate looming in the horizon.
  Eventually, the group was ambushed by a Grimespawn which quickly claimed the lives of Corkstans comrades who were of flesh and blood. Corkstan was spared solely by virtue of being S'aue, but he was now alone in the Black Forest, and not all of its denizens would be discouraged from scrapping him simply because his metal frame would be hard to digest. Indeed, he was soon beset by a group of worm-like hatelings that wrapped their segmented, oozing bodies around his chassis and squeezed. Corkstan could feel his plating crumple from the sheer force of the constriction and he had already accepted that this would be his hour of reckoning for a life of unrepentant crime.
  Just as his optics began to malfunction, a group of knights in striking purple livery appeared to the scene, hacking through the worm wrapped around Corkstan with silvery blades that caused the revolting maggots to release shrill shrieks as their flesh sizzled upon contact with the metal. These knights, introducing themselves as Seekers of the Penitent Guard, escorted Corkstan to Contrition Lodge where the former thug swore off his previous life of crime and pleaded to join the fellowship. Had it been any of the other fellowship, his request might have been denied outright, but the Penitent Guard operates differently, being a road to redemption for those who have sinned. And the list of Corkstan's sins was long indeed.
  He took the vow to repent and for him the fellowships blacksmiths forged a large vesper so that he would remember his past until the day when he has atoned.  

A new start

Corkstan's transformation was nothing short of remarkable. He devoted himself fully to the service of the fellowship, going so far as to request the blacksmiths to modify his chassis so he would resemble his brothers-in-arms, assuming a knightly visage decorated with purple cloth. He also demonstrated a depth of emotion unusual in S'aue, expressing loyalty and camaraderie in ways rarely seen among his kind. For his comrades, he became a pillar of strength, offering counsel and emboldening words in times of need.
  As Corkstan continued to atone, his commitment to the fellowship only deepened. He took it upon himself to learn the intricacies of battle strategy, honing his skills alongside his comrades on patrols. His metal frame proved to be as resilient as his spirit, enduring blows and shouldering hardships in equal measure.
  Yet, even amidst the chaos of conflict, Corkstan never lost sight of his compassion. He would often be found tending to the dying, offering them some comfort in his embrace during their final moments, assuring the departing men and women that their deaths would not be meaningless.

Recent developments

Due to an uptick in activity in the Black Forest, Corkstan and his squad have been sent on patrol increasingly often, either for simple reconnaissance missions or to bolster the defenses of the other fellowships. Whatever the mission, Corkstan Fluxfire is ready to serve the Penitent Guard, placing the fellowship and the lives of his comrades before his own.
Current Status
Posted at Contrition Lodge
Current Location
75 years
Obscured by helmet
None visible
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Brass and copper
6'6 / 2m
614lb / 278kg
Resounding Truth
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
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Corkstan Fluxfire before he joined the Penitent Guard

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