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Being mechanical in nature and constructed mainly from metals prone to oxidation, the S'aue spend every minute of the day being exposed to the elements which causes these metals to tarnish over time, eventually forming a layer of patina upon their metallic bodies.


Patina, forming upon the surface of the metals the S'aue are made of actually forms a protective layer that prevents further corrosion so it is often considered desirable. Due to this, S'aue often engage in deliberate washes of oxidizing substances in doses and patterns conducive towards achieving a certain look.
  This could be considered a similar practice as tattooing is among humans and just like tattoos are considered taboo and unsightly by some within human society, there are S'aue who find patina undesirable and commit to sanding and polishing their bodies at regular intervals to prevent and remove any build-up.

Patina and Functionality

There is a very real possibility that a layer of patina might impede the proper articulation of the joints of a S'aue, so even those who deliberately decorate their chassis with patterns of patina remove build-up in areas that are vital to the proper function and articulation of their mechanical frames.
  Otherwise it is considered costly and, quite frankly, counter-productive to remove patina due to the passivation it provides to the metal beneath. This, however, does not stop the wealthy socialites of the S'aue Empire to whom the perceived purity of their frames is a point of pride and worthy of preservation.
  The less fortunate, such as the Deficient have little choice in the matter and their scavenged parts are often made of steel that rusts instead of forming patina, which is problematic rather than beneficial. This is yet another way how the social divide that exists in the S'aue Empire worsens the lives of those at the lower rungs of society.
Polishing and removal of patina done while you wait!
–A sign next to a chair at the railway station of Goptone Junction
by Midjourney
A S'aue exhibiting the distinctive build-up of patina on his faceplate

Cover image: by Midjourney


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