Goptone Junction

Originally a mere switching station for the colossal S'aue steam-engines that barrel down their ever expanding rail system, Goptone Junction has grown into a bustling city of the S'aue that the rails cut through.


At the place where the city now stands was once a single switch and the hovel of its operator, back when the S'aue first experimented with on-rails locomotion. Then, a station was built nearby, which attracted habitation, which in turn attracted services. Before long, a sizable settlement had formed around the junction and it keeps growing to this day, with more switches being added as the rail network grows and branches off into new locations.
  There are so many automated switches that line the tracks running through the main street that when a steam-engine approaches, there is a brief cacophony of clanging noises as the switches turn into the positions that allow the approaching locomotive to continue on to its intended destination. This has eliminated the need for criers warning pedestrians to clear the roads, as the sound of the switches flipping positions is enough to alert everyone to the approaching danger.

Trade and industry

Unsurprisingly, Goptone Junction is a hub of trade which sees goods coming in from all corners of Nascindor. It is home to steelyards, factories and assemblies which pump out trade goods around the clock, as steam-engines arrive and leave without pause. In terms of sheer volume of goods, only Wapemond Harbor handles more shipments a day.
  The city is also where resides the headquarters of Genesis Engines, a highly respected S'aue workshop franchise that prides itself on constructing the most elite of individuals that are built to the exact specifications of their clients, who are invariably high society types themselves. Mykros, the founder and CEO of Genesis Engines, enjoys a position of power in the city, though she has declined the title of mayor, for unknown reasons.
Wow, that IS loud!
–A Glarithian student during the approach of a steam-engine into Goptone Junction
by Midjourney
One of the huge steam-engines during its stop at Goptone Junction

Cover image: by Midjourney


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