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Demented Glen

Reality holds little sway over the Demented Glen, an accursed valley near the very core of the Black Forest. Here, existence itself bleeds into horror and the only living things are Hatelings of vastly different kinds, spawning from the writhing ground. The baleful, crimson glow of the Heart of Hate is near overwhelming here.   Next to none of the fools who have journeyed this deep into the Black Forest have returned to detail their experience, so information about this horrendous valley is spotty at best. During the witching hour, the denizens of the Demented Glen can be heard wailing all the way in the Death's Head Orchard, their dirge unsettling even the otherwise stalwart Seekers.

Amid Evil

The glen is like a bowl that circles the crater that was left after the Progenitor plummeted into the forest. Trees and other vegetation in the valley have been twisted into terrifying forms by the dire radiance of the Heart, and the most dangerous and horrifying Hatelings call it home. It is here that the horrendous Geists skulk between the monstrous trees and underbrush, looking for anything to latch themselves onto so they might destroy them from the inside out.
  Prolonged stay in the glen causes irreversible damage to the psyche, as the Adversary's corruption worms its way into the mind, sapping the sanity of anyone who lingers.
Can't believe our scouts have to go there. Poor bastards.
–Seeker Freydall, gazing out past the Gutmire into the deeper parts of the Black Forest
by Midjourney
The Demented Glen

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