The Shared Journal

Detailing the Adventure of the Royal Escape

Written by ninne124

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by Ninne124
So, yesterday was... a day. Bashel and I were almost murdered by a beast, which must have been an Onogeci, except those are supposed to be myths. But oh well. Bashel saved me after I tripped, due to the efforts of launching myself over a bush with a monster in pursuit. But now my ankle is all messed up.
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by Ninne124
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The Shared Journal Detailing the Adventure of the Royal Escape is a journal written by Princess Zuree and her companions as they flee the The Castle of Lions after The attack on the Castle of Lions.
The journal was penned by Zuree in the beginning, and she kept at it despite the complaints from her fellow travellers, that it might put their lives in danger if anyone was to find it. She began writing as her own way to deal with the situation; her father and mother were taken and she had to flee from her home.  
by Ninne124
When she fell ill during their travels, each of her companions took turns writing. Their goal with the travels was never to discover anything, they only aimed at survival and hoped they could liberate The Kingdom of Edrea once again.   During their travels they discovered The Magicae Tower of Dimilnen and the town of Dimilnen which many thought had been lost to the ages after it was abandoned. Somehow, the tower was still standing.
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by Ninne124
The tower didn't seem to have suffered much damage through the years either.   They stumbled upon The Shrine of Aralican as well. A place no one had seen for over a century after it disappeared during the The Second Great War.   While finding the tower was shocking, the discovery of the shrine was unfathomable. The discovery even leads to Zuree unlocking her magic and furthermore, the goddess Arkna revealed to them, that she exists.
    The entire journey was filled with shocking and even traumatising situations, which have been hard to deal with for those involved. Bashel and Zuree later concluded that she had taken up writing the journal as a way of coping with everything she had seen. The journal doesn't always give the most realistic picture of their actual reactions to what they've discovered. Especially in the first entries, where she has written it as if it was a formal report.   The journal consists of "official" and "unofficial" entries. The official entries are written neatly and in order, they're dated and are written in a formal language; almost mirroring the style used in official reports. But there are also random scribbles around the book; both doodles as well as running commentary on their adventures.  
Tower detail
by Ninne124

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Author's Notes

24.05.19   This is my first article in 3 months! I'm so stoked to finally write a bit again, though I'm terribly busy with exams.   I hope this is alright :3

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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
28 May, 2019 13:44

I have only one thing to say about this .. HOLY CRAP I was NOT expecting this when I checked my notifications. Ninnie, is this the beginning of the article ?   Also I am so very happy to see you writing again!

28 May, 2019 13:52

Thank you so much for commenting Dimi! :3   I made it for the challenge so it couldn't be longer than 2000 words, and I'm already at 1957... (the document part is a biiiit long.) But I'm planning on writing more on this after the challenge is over :D   And I'm also stoked to be back to writing! I've really missed WA ^-^

Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
28 May, 2019 13:55

HOLY CraP AGAIN I haven't seen the document! Is that also part of how the challenge should be delivered?

28 May, 2019 13:58

We had to use the document template so I chose to utilize it this way ^-^

28 May, 2019 15:47

Great article as always Ninne! Glad to see new articles from you :3

In the first quote, you mention something called an Onogeci (cool name btw). Could you either add a tooltip or link it to an article with an excerpt. Would be great to know a bit about it for some context. You've also already linked to Zuree's article multiple times but maybe you could also put in the quote author place. At least for me, it was the first time I read her name in the article so it would make some sense for it to be a link but that's up to you. of Dimilnen which many thought had been lost to the times.
I haven't heard "lost to the times" used before so that sentence caught me a bit off-guard. Something like "ost to the ages" seems more common, but maybe what you wrote is also used and I just haven't heard about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On this day, the Castle of Lion and Bechlea has fallen in the hands of the enemy forces.
Shouldn't it be "the Castle of Lion and Bechlea have fallen in the hands of the enemy forces." I mean I could be wrong, but I feel like I'm correct. Has implies singular but that seems to be plural.
Now I myself have sustained an injury too, we will rest here for a day or two before moving on.
Would be lovely to know the exact injury and how she got it. More information about Adjuri's injury would also be nice.

That's enough complainging and nitpicking from me! Well done and I look forward to more of your stuff!

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28 May, 2019 15:50

Thank you so much for the feedback!!! You're completely right about the has/have, I don't know what I was doing XD   I'll get to work this very second :3

29 May, 2019 15:46

This is my #1 favorite entry. Not sure what it is, because the writing is wonderful....but the layout, the art, the very 'feel' of the page takes me back to my WoW playing days and I miss that. Oh, I know what it is--this feels and sounds like one of a number of fun Middle-Grade adventures I would have read growing up and that brings back 68.2% good memories, 41.7% more ideas of what to encourage my own kids to read while increasing my smile ratio by 13.2%.   Yes, I am aware that I'm also 100% bad at math.   If I could vote for a winner, this would be it.   I'm a new fan---gonna follow this world!

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29 May, 2019 22:21

Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! ^-^   I must admit that I do draw aesthetic inspiration from many places, and WoW is definitely one of them, as I've spent an ungodly amount of hours on that game... So I'm very pleased that this reminds you a bit of World of Warcraft :)   I'm so grateful that you took the time to leave such a nice comment, it really made my whole day better! :D

29 May, 2019 23:14

I'm not sure what else to add that wasn't covered by everyone else! I just want to comment and say how much I enjoyed the artwork, presentation, and layout of this article. And I especially enjoyed the "Other entries found throughout the book" at the end of the document! So much personality added, it's lovely.   Aside from a couple small sentence structure changes, or a word here or there (problems we all run into with our articles!) this entry is perfect! I really cant think of anything to improve on it.   Well done! I look forward to reading more. Feels like a hard, but happy, adventure with friends. I really enjoyed it haha.

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30 May, 2019 12:44

Thank you so much Stormbril! ^-^

Master Redclaw123
Elias Redclaw
30 May, 2019 08:32

Holy moly. I mean I’ll tone down and curb my fanboyism for this world a bit here since I did read some other amazing entries too but dear god This is a fucking masterpiece. Just look at the layout and formatting! The CSS you put in here just reminds me of an old school fantasy game so much, which I absolutely adore to this day ( not just world of Warcraft, a lot of other old school mmos that I used to play as a kid and still play too. If I could like this article 4 times, I would. Once for the formatting, once for the artwork, once for the story and Once for the old school RPG feelings this gives me and strikes nostalgia into me. Again this is simply a masterpiece of a document article that I feel like a lot of people could learn from. Oh and did I mention how fucking cool the glowing blue eyes is? IT is simply badass and perfect! I love this article so much. Thank you for creating such an inspirational world and article ninne and for being such an amazing person. Congratulations and keep up the HEAVENLY and GODLY amazing work!!! You are most inspiring and amazing!

30 May, 2019 12:49

Goodness Claw! This comment is just so damn nice! I smiled so much reading this, thank you :3   I can't properly express just how much your support has meant to me, but if I tried it would probably end out being a mess of all caps and exclamation points all over the place XD

31 May, 2019 11:18

Great article! It was fun seeing the characters encounter the Magicae Tower. I was all like, "I know that place!" Terrific world building here!

1 Jun, 2019 15:09

Thank you Accolon! :3

4 Jun, 2019 02:44

Fantastic. I mean... This is extremely impressive and your document was thrilling! Great job! I especially love these creatures you introduced, they sound terrifying!


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Hey Humm! It's all made by me, but what if I have the problem, that the layout is going to be ruined if I credit it? The dividers wouldn't look good with the white box under :( Can I possibly write it in the author's note instead?

19 Jun, 2019 20:24

Done! :3

Anna Elizabeth Boyett
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Really glad we could help you find a solution- ad thank you! I've updated your case in the enchanter's logs <3