The girl peeped out from behind the screen, her green hair was still damp. She was wearing a pair of Farrah’s leggings and a tunic. Her skin was a deep green and her facial markings looked like 3 scratches on each cheek, one of them extended up and ended over her eyebrow.


Adjuri was born in a smaller town in The Country of Ildres. Her mother and father were are couple joined by arranged marriage and her mother was so unhappy that she left them when Adjuri was 9 years old. Her father Ambassador Ojal did everything he could to be a good parent as well as do his duties as the ambasador. He wanted to make the world peaceful for his daughter.

She was schooled in their mansion by many different teachers. She had no friends except for her nanny and the staff of the house, it could also be debated whether or not those could be considered friends. Other than that she spent her time playing with stuffed animals. She claims to have gotten over that but she still keeps her favorite white bunny, she named it Sheedu, the Idrish word for white.

When she was around 13, the first peace meetings were held. That meant her father had to leave her back home and go to Bechlea alone. She missed him dearly in those months, but her nanny kept her entertained. Luckily the next meeting was closer to home so her father wouldn't have to leave.


Skills and Abilities

She has no fighting abilities at all. Her father focused on teaching her what you need to know to live in a city. She speaks both Idrish and Edrean fluently. Not many Iwachi learn the language of the humans, as they call it.

She is skilled at sowing and crafting clothes, though it is not exactly her favorite past time. She is very logical and can be a great asset when it comes to difficult decisions. She is also very knowledgeble on a wide range of subjects, due to the time she spent reading since she wasn't allowed out much.

She has heightened senses compared to humans and Iwachi, which is helpfull in many situations. She also has moments of accelerated healing compared to others of her species. She has no idea why.


Personality and Behaviour

Adjuri is a good person at heart. She is passionate other people and often go against the general opinions found in The Country of Ildres, though that is often a problem because her father has a high position in the government. She is a bit shy but she often gets on well with most people, since she is nice to most. Her motto is that respect is given until they prove themselves to be unworthy of it.

She loves seeing the good in the world but she is not afraid to admit everything that is wrong with it either. She can be outspoken and hard willed despite being shy. She is against the hate there is against the Treil and is a strong advocate of peace between Ildres and Edrea  


She is often doubts herself and overthinks to a degree that can be seen as obsessive. It sometimes causes her to freeze in a situation because she worries more about what could go wrong if she does something than what happens if she does nothing.

She shuts down sometimes or bury her emotions so far down that she feels like she is cut of from the world and does not exist within it. As if she is watching the world around her from the outside. When she becomes like that, nothing seems to matter to her at all.

Year of Birth
773 AK 14 Years old
Bright Yellow
Dusty green

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