Ambassador Ojal

Ambassador of Ildres

Ambassador Ojal Kolaphi

The girl was sitting on the floor in a beautiful gown made from light blue and white fabrics. The skirt was splayed all over the floor around her. Her makeup was running down her cheeks, some of it already smudged. Her deep green hair was halfway up in a bun. She looked at Zuree with her eerie yellow pupils and bloodshot eyes, then she looked to the floor. Zuree couldn't see what the girl was looking at.

She slowly stepped into the room, and when she did, she saw the bottom part of the pure bright dress stained a deep red. Behind her, the Iwachi ambassador was sprawled out on the floor, a dagger in his heart.



Ambassador Ojal is the ambassador sent from The Country of Ildres to The Kingdom of Edrea for the official peace treaty negotiations. He is an important figure in Ildres and in their government.

When he is murdered (during the beginning of the story) it is seen as an declaration of war and it destroys the peace the ambassador had tried so hard to maintain.



He is assassinated while in The Castle of Lions, by the notorious assassins guild known as The Ring of Death. He is found on the floor with a dagger in his heart, by his own daughter Adjuri. The assassins have managed to get to several guards as well.

The rest of the close by people are allerted to the situation when his daughter finds him and she screams out. Zuree, Bashel, Farrah and Carlin are the first to arrive to the scene.

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His death is later discovered to have been ordered by Xavier, the kings brother. He was interested in taking out the king and queen as well as starting a war he could potentially end and then claim the throne for himself. It all goes a bit off the tracks when Ildres won't accept his declaration of peace.

746 AK 787 AK 41 years old
Circumstances of Death
Dark green
1,96 m
Aligned Organization
The Country of Ildres

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