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The Humbug Fiesta

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One of the most peculiar events that can be found in Trendelika is called the Humbug Fiesta, and it is taking place in Phurr, the city of cats. The catfolk start getting ready for the event right at the beginning of the summer season, so that they are fully prepared for it when it finally arrives. This is due to the fact that there is not set a fixed date. Everyone is just starting to acquire some barrels or amphoras of mead, an abundance of food, and adornment for the exterior of their home, and they are paying close attention to what is taking place outside as well as what the neighbours are doing. Because it is possible that if you wake up in the morning, you will have missed the most exciting part of the event, which is the grand opening and includes the award ceremony for the finest stunt, the most mind-blowing theft, or the biggest prank.   You do not want to be the only cat in the city who has decorated their house for the festivities, nor do you want to be the only cat in the city who has not decorated their house, since the entire city will look at you as though you are crazy. The Humbug Fiesta is also the only time the catfolk get excessively drunk, so if you miss the right time, you have to wait a full year for the next opportunity. As a result, after a couple of days of eyeing each other and everyone coming to the conclusion that the proper time had come, all of the catfolk quickly put out their decorations withing minutes and gather in front of the townhall with food and beverages. After a brief debate, the audience chants the name of the victor, and an artist attaches a badge to a big wooden scratching post in the middle of the square that contains the victor's name as well as the feat that they have achieved. The victor also receives a wristband with a small golden bell attached to it as a prize. There are a few who have already gathered two or three of those bands, and there is only one who has got six of them.
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Aug 1, 2022 15:30 by Cassandra Sojourn

This seems like an extremely fun festival. I love the idea of all the catfolk eyeing each other like “now?” “Now. . . . ?” “Now!”

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Aug 1, 2022 17:47 by Tillerz

Thank you. And yes, with cats you never know when they will allow you some social time or when they just hiss at you angrily/annoyed.

Aug 2, 2022 14:34

The Humbug Fiesta, I see what you did there.... ((Oder sollte ich sagen: Ich verstehe wo es herkommt XD)) Cool Idea for your "Cats"

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Aug 2, 2022 15:06 by Tillerz


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