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Manidweepa is a pocket dimension sprouting from the carbon realm and latching onto several alternate universes and timelines that compliment our space.
For all the theories on the multiverse, there is only one in-between. Bounded only by the limitations of the dimension itself.
Zanetti summarizing what he was told by the Laplwyds 


Reality Bending

Tanginal Observance
Due to the conflicting nature of Manidweepa's reality and the atoms that make up a person's body, there can be many instances where a proto-infused object/particle would neglect to interact with the particles of a person. The result is the two objects passing through each other.  
Zetetic Phenomenon
The principles that allows zetetics to manipulate their surroundings in Manidweepa with just the belief in a person's mind.  
Wrinkle Currents
There are several rifts that twist and turn in recognizable patterns around Manidweepa that make certain places physically closer than what they may initially seem.
In broad strokes, distinct points in this space can both exist and not exist at the same moment in time.   Possibly, this means that as one enter through the portal, they become everyone everywhere.

Ecosystem Cycles

Reality Waves

Manidweepa separates multiple planes of existence, each with their own physical laws that can contradict each other. It is not widely believed that Manidweepa has any physical laws of its own. Rather, the laws of physics in any of the other 11 hypothetically connected portals leak into the in-between at different sectors like liquid from a broken main. They then diffuse through the protoplasm in waves until they mix with the metaphysical properties being transferred from opposite directions in a fight for metaphysical existence.   Equilibrium can, and has, been established in multiple variations through its history with some becoming more dominate in the mix than others. Though all these leaks are technically reality waves, and they happen all the time, worry comes to the forefront when one portal releases a virtual tsunami of it laws of reality. There is no discernable cause for huge reality waves.  

Slow Mass Collision

Common materials of various kinds occasionally fall into Manidweepa and become 'native' when their electro covalent bonds become displaced by protoplasm after several millennia. These particles of metals, gases and liquids combine into slow moving asteroids that have been the sanctuaries of many explorers. However, similar to collapsing reality waves, the proto-information imprinted on one body can be so radical to that on another body that the protoplasm would attempt to rediscover equilibrium and release massive amounts of energy as a result.  

Temporal Trap

Time becomes a fuzzy concept in Manidweepa. It can be easy, for the unaccustomed, to get lost while moving through manidweepa space. A traveller will only know they are in a trap when they notice a temporal copy of themselves some distance ahead of their path. It only become truly inescapable when they see a temporal copy behind them as well.

Localized Phenomena

Portal Gates

In both Manidweepa and Saudha Samudra, a portal gate is composed of two natural phenomenon. At the centre most point is a permanent doorway between dimensions surrounded by a probabilistic region in space where smaller portals can open and close at random.
Conversing with the locals, hinted that similar gates are scattered far from the knowing sight. As far as we can find, we know of only two other gates like the Opal Portal.
— Opal President
An abstract place, even to Manidweepa's native inhabitants, where perceivable realty falls apart.
A similarly abstract place that connects to Satyalok in some uncertain way.
Supposedly, a more defined area from the tangible bodies of sentients left floating around its edges.
One of the gates known to humanity, positioned far behind the Aargon Horizon.
One of the gates known to humanity, hidden at the edges of Titian's Path.

Easily remembered as the opal portal from which the first ships fell into Manidweepa.
Atal Lok
A gate that leads to one of the mineral rich realm from which great wealth spills forth.
Vital Lok
A gate that leads to one of the mineral rich realm from which great wealth spills forth.
Sutal Lok
Little and less are known of the lower worlds as they are only known via local hearsay.
Talatal Lok
Little and less are known of the lower worlds as they are only known via local hearsay.
Patal Lok
Little and less are known of the lower worlds as they are only known via local hearsay.

Fauna & Flora


Creatures that fully evolved inside Manidweepa are composed entirely of protoenergy and take on a variety of simple and complex forms. Locals' bodies can range from gelatinous to resilient.  


These are the 'transferred' consciousness of those deceased from any of the "Real Realms". They typically resemble tiny points of lights as they are the scattered thoughts and actions of peoples past; amalgamating through the free floating protoplasm.

Natural Resources

Protoplasm: A viscous and physics-defying substance that can be grey, green, blue or pink in colour. Protoplasm is attracted to electrons, be it the circuitry in machines or the nerves in a body, and imprints the information of every individual electron it makes contact within itself.   Simulais: A class of crystal that form from within Manidweepa or the other portal realms that later migrated into Manidweepa.   Mineral Wealth: Many familiar natural mineral substances collect in floating clumps in the space.



A collection of fused delphi ships from the first hard pull through the opal portal.
A warped projection of a floating city that phases into and out of existence between Manidweepa and the Anandlok dimension.


Two sub-regions given the same name, far away from each other but still connected via some unclear means.
Original liquid home of the meridians.
The extraordinarily large terrestrial home to the dinos.

Alternative Name(s)
  • Spectral Realm
  • In-between
  • Great Fixed Gulf
Dimensional plane
Vehicles Present
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species
Related Plots
Related Materials

Wider Phenomenon


The process of coming into being. It describes when an inanimate object spontaneously gains sentience while floating in the space, away from other sentient life.  

Omniversal Mind

When you die. You become aware.   You know how you died, if you didn't before. Why and by who.  
The invertedness of the information imprinted onto protoplasm comes continually from the other other worlds. In this way, Manidweepa is a repository to information across many realms  
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