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Origin & Source


Hafa is most often found surrounded by protoplasmic goo. As a result, most finds are accidental from when pieces find their way into a ship's skimmer and partially destroy their centrifugal generator. While on the one hand, it is beneficial to have a valuable treasure to sell for immense profit at a port, this type of find can leave a crew stranded for a period of time.  
It is not fully understood, but it is supposed that it comes from highly compacted protoplasm. Though this is just a guess.

History & Usage


Nikit Mathur is normally credited with bringing back a handful of crystal peddles from portal alley because he like them. However, other explorer groups and scientific expeditions claimed to have acquired samples first and can have said to have determined its properties.

Cultural Significance and Usage

There is a great deal of prestige in owning anything made from hafa. Many of the cultures that have encountered hafa have incorporated alot of its idealized properties into symbols for their most powerful organizations. For example:
  • The ice blades wielded by the Ice Knights of Aaragon
  • Ice armour as summoned by the Penaga
  • Palace of Memories as built by the Itey
  • Various official jewelry


Dimensional Dependent Differences

As a simulai, hafa can have different properties depending on which side of the opal portal it presently resides.
Hafa possesses super energy retentive qualities while in Manidweepa, and dispenses portions of this retained heat after a kinetic impact.   Contrastly, hafa is said to manifest as a 'solid cold' while in Miasmic Astral capable of absorbing the surrounding heat. In the advent of a physical impact, the immediate environment can be brought to absolute zero temperature.

Manufacturing & Products

Hafa is predominately used as a type of battery for incredibly energy intensive devices. Such include:
  • Cranberry's prototype force fields
  • Tips of the lancer missiles
  • Penaga Bracelets

  • Alternative Name(s)
    • Ghost Ice
    • Ice
    Extremely Rare
    Transparent (Pure)
    Blue (compact with a few impurities)
    White (loosely formed with internal space)
    Common State
    Related Species
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