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Perron Barren


Perron is an ungraspable area of Manidweepa saturated in protoplasm's green tint. This generally gives the green desert a low visibility range and where mistaken identity occurs well within viewing distances.   It is, otherwise, strangely quiet of the reality breaking phenomenon that cycles through most of the realm. For this reason, the majority of human kind conjugate in, and around, the desert as their sovereign territory. Which begs the question why it was never previously claimed?  
Well, think about it the other way round. Every other species you see, came into Manidweepa from some other direction and immediately had to contend with hostile natives, as well as, the strange physics.   Once we settled, the barren looked to be some ominous gas cloud hiding even more horrors, so we all stayed away.
— Cerise



The process of coming into being.   It describes when an inanimate object spontaneously gains sentience while floating in the space, away from other sentient life.
Upon crossing the threshold probes stop transmitting data and morph into buzzards to do their own things.   Tools strapped to your waist take on serpentine qualities to straggle their users and whole ships can become leviathans who roam their new environment without a care for their occupants.
— troubles in adapting to a new reality

Omniversal Mind

When you die. You become ... aware.   You know how you died, if you didn't before. Why and by who.
The invertedness of the information imprinted onto protoplasm comes continually from the other other worlds. In this way, Manidweepa is a repository for information across many realms.

Localized Phenomena


Sutal Lok
Little and less are known of the lower worlds as they are only known via local hearsay.
Talatal Lok
Little and less are known of the lower worlds as they are only known via local hearsay.
Patal Lok
Little and less are known of the lower worlds as they are only known via local hearsay.

Fauna & Flora


Creatures that fully evolved inside Manidweepa are composed entirely of protoenergy and take on a variety of simple and complex forms. Locals' bodies can range from gelatinous to resilient.  


These are the 'transferred' consciousness of those deceased from any of the "Real Realms". They typically resemble tiny points of lights as they are the scattered thoughts and actions of peoples past; amalgamating through the free floating protoplasm.

Natural Resources

Protoplasm: A viscous and physics-defying substance that can be grey, green, blue or pink in colour. Protoplasm is attracted to electrons, be it the circuitry in machines or the nerves in a body, and imprints the information of every individual electron it makes contact within itself.
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Green Desert
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Ethereal Evolution Evaluation
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