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Nikit Mathur

Mediator Mathur (a.k.a. Nippy)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Protoplasmic Body

Nikit's has a pliable body made of a protoplasmic compound with a plasticine feel. Scavenged samples from Nikit have contained elements of water, copper, nitrogen, keratin and a combustible energy.

Facial Features

Star Freckles

A scattering of tiny holes brushes across Nikit's nose and under his eyes. Looking closely, they appear to move and sparkle as a live constellation.

Glowing Irises

A bright grass green halo emits from Nikit's sunken eyes. The resultant shadows obscure his face from being easily recognizable.

Identifying Characteristics

Lichtenberg Scars

Slight branching greenness travels from the core of his heart, around his torso, up his neck and embraces his skull. He can make these markings appear at will, accompanied with bright sparks and streams of green current.

Physical quirks

Shaking Legs

Nikit is mocked as the "Sperm", literarily from his infamous statement and visually from his favoured means of locomotion throughout Manidweepa.  
We are not even ants to them. We're more like sperm. Their sperm.
— Nikit on his realization of the relationship between living things and all ethereals

Special abilities


The quantum particles that make up protoplasm, exist in various sizes in different states of existence that move seamlessly between each other.


The quantum particles that make up protoplasm, bend and absorb most forms of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing Nikit to turn invisible at will.

Spectral Manipulation

Has demonstrated the power to change the shape of his body into intangible holes and alternate shapes.


His powers of dignitas allow him to match and overlay the electrical messages of an organic's nervous system or a machine's circuitry.


The immediate temperature surrounding Nikit drops, particularly when agitated, and is the source of his armour and melee weapons.

Property Shifting

Much as is possible, Nikit is able to alter the properties of his own body to other advantageous qualities.

Apparel & Accessories

Black Suit

A common tight fitting suit that covers Nippy's body entirely except for his head. From his white collar to his gloved hands and stretching to silver boots.

White Clock

A battle garb composed of a stark white hood, a baggy shirt and pants and flowing cape jacket.

Specialized Equipment

Material | Dec 4, 2022

Ice Blade

A hand-held weapon of a retractable blade controlled by pressing a button on the hilt. When sheathed, the blade is entirely contained within its hilt, making it small, compact and easy to carry.   When released, the blade extends rapidly to a length of approximately one meter by unfolding segments.

Ice Armour

A summonable, transparent plate that emerges upon command from his chest, hands, feet and eyes.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma


Nikit has expressed a repeated fear of lightning. Extreme weather conditions when in the real realm have been known to paralysis him in anticipated fear.

Morality & Philosophy


All ethereals, who bother to explain it, possess several alternative means of registering external information. For Nikit, he has confessed to being able to:
  • Witness Folds
  • Listen to Minds
  • Smell Time
  • Shudder before a Threat
  • Taste Lies


Ethnic Origins

There is a great mystery regarding which wave Nikit Mathur was apart of. He has always been evasive in the rare instances he was asked.   Like an alphi and a delphi he possesses an interactable body. However, like an epsilonian and a thetían, that body can traverse through incal crystals.

Personality Characteristics


Integrate humanity with the Ethereals

Mathur has a strong sense of empathy with all sentients around him. He sees their mental consciousness as the unifying aspect to make into a common entity.

Virtues & Personality perks

Work Ethic

He works hard when his mind is committed to any the task; except when he's distracted. Although, he is not considered book smart, he is clever at resource planning and tactical maneuvering.

Emotional Health

He rarely gets overly mad or emotional and only takes important matters personally; like when dealing with his archenemies.

Personality Quirks

Word Play

He enjoys making puns and exchanging witty banter with anyone clever enough to keep up.


Contacts & Relations


Nikit has cultivated a unique position among many inhabitants among both sides of the portal, through few fully understand his nature. All a result, he has been able to bridge hostile relations or connect groups unknown to each other.

Social Aptitude

Danger Seeking

Not-so-unique to complex ethereals, Nikit acts cavalier towards threats to himself.


There are moments when he under-appreciates his allies though he is always thankful to have them.

Hobbies & Pets


He expresses a great, and often distracting, obsession with stars, moons and planets.

Maw Sailing

A dangerous extreme sport among ethereals where they surf the breath of Hothtaaz.


Breathy Voice

When speaking, Nikit's voice is accompanied with a low hum which produces an echoy effect as he talks.

Wealth & Financial state

A King's Ransom

Locked away in the Keep, Nikit maintains a treasury of enchanting items, a moat of crystals and a secret vault all siting on top the golden range.
Perron Barren
Geographic Location | Aug 10, 2022
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Ethereal Ambassador
  • Ghost of Perron
  • Portal Born
  • Ice Knight (honorary)
Appears mid teenage years
Circumstances of Death
It is uncertain when, if ever, he died
Current Residence
The Loft
Assumed Heterosexual
Assumed Male
Sunken Luminous Green
Disheveled Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White Glow
Quotes & Catchphrases
Only the strong can afford to be merciful
Related Myths
Known Languages
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype
by Chami Ryokuroi


Geographic Location | Nov 7, 2022
Portal Alley
Geographic Location | Aug 10, 2022
Miasmic Astral
Geographic Location | May 4, 2022

Quotes about Nikit Mathur

A grandstanding entertainer with a greater sense of self importance than is warranted
He shows little respect to authority. Destroying property during his heroics while relentlessly mocking his opponents.
We can't move against anyone so well liked. He wears his fame, his notoriety and his public image like it were armour.
Building / Landmark | Dec 11, 2022

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