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Naming Traditions

Other names

Place Names

Delphi name much of their settlements, and places where they have influence, with an accompanying number.


Shared customary codes and values


An action is right if done for the majority.
The circumstances of their arrival into the Anchorage System left them desperately low on needed resources. As a consequence, Command deployed a multitude of strategies to reach double, or triple, the logistical goals in a short span of time and stretch the use of everything they had.

Average technological level

First Generation

The technological way of existence for the delphi was entirely inherited from the pearl people. It is such that they do not have the fullest understanding of how their crafts work. Therefore, most advancements are limited to studying what they have access to and repurposing them. Even so, sufficient insight has typically come from outside groups.

Common Dress code


Skintight spacesuits coloured the brightest yellow, red and/or orange to stand out in the event of an emergency in the black void of space.

Art & Architecture

Ship Design

Similar to the thetían ships of the Taurus Exodus, the majority of delphi ships parked at Dyson or in transit through the pipeline are pear-shaped. But whereas the quarantine class are comparatively bulky, even with the oversized nose, delphi ships are much smaller with oversized internal space.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Military Observances

Delphi society is generally very restrictive.   But Command and Council frequently sponsor celebrations and holidays for the residents of Piza Three and Two. The purpose of which can be for a variety of arbitrary reasons.
We don't need a very good reason to want to go home early. If the river flows too hard; its a holiday. If a barge gets decommissioned; take a half day. A cargo caravan launches; no school. We win a game; party in the streets.

Funerary and Memorial customs


The organic matter that originally made up the deceased are liquefied into protein vats and recycled water for the still-living.

Common Taboos

Abandonment of Duty

Desertion carries the punishment of dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all private property and confinement for a determinant term.   Regardless, the odd captain or lieutenant overseeing shipments to Miasmic Astral would occasionally break for the opal portal, away from their superiors and crews.

Common Myths and Legends

Pearl Directive

The delphi were mandated by the pearl people to travel to Miasmic Astral and setup a foundation for serving the waves of ships who will follow them. However; the Dyson facilities, that would eventually be developed into Piza One, Piza Two and Piza Three, were so derelict.   The delphi's timetable mandated that they rest and refit using the stations to support them. But as they had outpaced the thetíans, the delphi needed to make the rings livable and source resources for their ship upgrade before they could move on.

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STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

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