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Outermost Ring

The largest continuous structure in the system is home to most humans and where most work and leisure is done.  

Innermost Ring

The first ring of Dyson is made of a denser material than the second ring that contains far less maneuverable internal space for people and is the least explored part of the megastructures.  

Star Shell

A holey super dense material wrapped around its still glowing star. The shell has a diameter of 620 metres and it is postulated that inside experiences time at one tenth as that outside.   This feature has lead some to believe that the shell was once a maneuverable spacecraft in its own right; before being cobbled together into a makeshift haven.


Hole in the Shell

The star shell is littered with several micro-breaches and small holes from where the pale light of the star shines through.   There is one opening, however, large enough for a small personal ship to enter.

Trench Sleeves

Both rings are designed with a groove and grooves between two external protruded ridges around their circumference.   These regions are utilized as impromptu safe harbours and several kilometers are heavily incorporated into Piza's shipyards.

Sensory & Appearance


Dyson is approximated to be between 2-5 billion years old. All that time, it circled its invisible star, enduring tremendous wear and tear from the accretion forces that ripped off segments and pushed holes into its frame. Regardless, it has still managed to retain its structure.


Species | Mar 3, 2024
An alien species that long ago gave up their organic bodies to move their minds into the circuitry of the dyson sphere.
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

A militaristic culture stagnant under the demands of their mission

The first human arrivals to Anchorage with a preference for their organic bodies.


Dyson's Star

A million degree neutron star used as a fuel source for the greschas' home.  
Iron Crust
The leftover iron from its supernova is squeezed into a crystal lattice among a sea of electrons.
Plasma Ocean
Nuclear matter floats in a liquidy state over a layer of solid nuclear crystals beneath it.
Superfluid Core
Nuclei pulled together and deformed into spaghetti and sheet shapes that form a uniform fluid of neutron and protons under quantum rules.

Hazards & Traps

Gravitational Accretion Energy

This energy is the disc-like flow of dust, gas and plasma orbiting a high mass density object. The fiction and loss of angular momentum from the accretion discs generates approximately 10% of a given mass into potential energy.  

Star Quakes

Disturbances on the star's surface cause gravitational waves through which energy is radiated. It is reasonably assumed that these energy releases play their part in tearing apart the shell that surrounds it.


Orbital Shipyards

Sections of the outer and inner most rings are modified and maintained by the delphi as ports and construction facilities.

Light Shooters

Powerful transmitters for communicating with the other systems inhabited by humans installed on the flat side of the outer ring.


Discovering the Greshca

The greshca were a hive mind collected from hundreds, possibly thousands, of organic species forcibly assimilated into the original greshca consciousness.   The last colony of a galaxy spanning civilization secluded itself in the machinery of a well constructed but derelict space station.

Catering to the Thetíans

After hundreds of years of establishing Piza Two in Dyson's outer ring, the delphi were well adjusted to life on the alien ring.   Originally, the Taurus Exodus was supposed to arrive before the Delphi's three fleets, but the technological advances made after the first wave left allowed the second wave to arrive before them.


Taurus Ships

The exodus was composed of a diverse group of thousands of interstellar ships delivered from Enuma Elish with the intention of being the first to arrive at Anchorage and set up a secondary jumping off point for the second wave: "Shepherd of Heaven".

Megastructure, Dyson Sphere
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
The neutron star, plus the star's shell density being comparable to that of a neutron star creates significant time dilation on anyone on approach.
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