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Boston Star


A supermassive boson star surrounded by unseeable dark matter haloes. It appears as a transparent cosmic body with a surface escape velocity that equals or exceeds the speed of light.

Ecosystem Cycles

Gravitational Waves

Ripples in space-time resulting from halo collisions. They are generally not noticeable by those still wearing organics, but can inflict random malfunctions in sensitive devices.

Localized Phenomena

Accumulated Matter

Boston star exerts powerful gravitational effects that can pull objects in its orbit towards itself. Material trapped within the star are not destroyed, but their light is emited as a soft bent light from the center, which is the only visual hint approaching ships get.

Natural Resources

Dark Matter: Multiple virialized clumps of dark matter are bound together by gravity in subhalos surrounding the star. It can be collected for use exotic means of propulsion. Dark matter does not interact electromagnetically so cannot be seen with light.


Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

A militaristic culture stagnant under the demands of their mission

At first, the delphi did not notice any gravitational well until their sensors detected Dyson moving in an orbit.   Upon realizing the nature of the star, commanders conducted broad sweeps that mapped out a slice of the star's invisible horizon.
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

Discorporated people primarily inhabiting machines

Ships from the Taurus Exodus are made to locate and skim the subhalos to collect dark matter to power pearl bound ships.

Alternative Name(s)
  • Invisible Star
  • Axiom Torus
  • Boson Donut
  • Type
    Location under
    Related Ethnicities
    Inhabiting Species
    Species | Mar 3, 2024

    Cover image: BlackHole by Βασίλης Κορωναίος


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