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Taurus Exodus

The steers of heaven lead the reluctant thetíans to their era's long prison sentence.




Thought to be replicants of a kind, who oversaw the entire 33 million year journey taken to travel to Anchorage.   Conspiracies abound, but it is thought that the last devotee died upon reaching Dyson.


The consciousness of people who were forced into the loaded matrices.


Incal Storage

Transparent crystalline cubes specialized to store high density data. It is reserved for containing millions of consciousness within a comparably small space and the foundation of Blasto and Bhulok.   The matrices, however, can turn into a jellylike substance with dissociated lattices while under the alternate physical laws of the Manidweepa.


A mechanical construct for minds to be uploaded and pilot to interact with the material universe.


Artificial demi organic bodies for minds to be uploaded and pilot to interact with the material universe.



Either explosive or non-explosive ordinances used at greater distances.

Intercepting Lasers

High-powered laser arrays whose primary role was to clear the fleet's path of debris, but could serve as communication links and precise targeting.


Barge Class

A largely automated, dreadnought sized, missile/carrier combined war ship that gave heavy support in escorting the fleet to Anchorage.

Quarantine Class

Sleeper ships of a vertical construction, crewed and maintained by automatons, transport incal matrices storing the collective consciousness of billions.


Bullet Formation

Standard practice for colony fleets is to have every station keep at least 100 km away from every other station.  
Lion Null
Lion High
Lion Low


Logistical Support


Fusion Engines
An engine that runs on fusion power for sustained acceleration by releasing heated fusion plasma out of the confinement zone as balls to explode whereby producing thrust.
A type of heavy craft specialized in collecting and containing energy as the fleet travels through the void and using stellasers that push the forward ships faster.
Mining Crafts
Manufacturing stations that recycle station too old to be repaired.
Fundamentally, a circle of huge engines wrapped around netted raw materials collected over the course of the journey.



Manned Probes
A space flight crewed by devotees in much larger probes that skim the outer edges of the nomadic fleet.
Unmanned Probes
Computer controlled devices that operate far out from the main fleet to gather and transmit data and samples to aid in tracking the course.


Forge Ships

Vessels dedicated to manufacturing, repairing or recycling other ships.

Replicating Probes

Self-replicating machines that are left in the wake of the main fleet to explore, exploit and experiment on artifacts or materials considered beneficial to the directive.

Ship-to-Ship Shuttles

Backup or emergency crafts that travel back and forth between ships outside the schedule of the tether ships.

Ship Tethers

Oumuamua type ships that rotate about its center to transfer cargo between space going ships positioned alongside each other.


Pearl Directive

The thetían devotees oversaw the operations of the fleet for millions of years with aim of getting the forcees to Anchorage.  

Contact with Dyson

Once the first pathfinders reached Boston, there was a great deal of confusion because they were supposed to be the first, but Delphi words reached out to them through radio.


Many thetían ships, after eons of interstellar travel, were and are in desperate need of upgrading before they would be fit to enter the Destiny Pipeline.
Once they reached their directive and finally gained autonomy over their ships, the majority of thetíans sort after other passions.

Alternate Name
  • Steer of Heaven
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

Discorporated people primarily inhabiting machines

Settlement | Jun 18, 2022

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