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Blasto's creation was almost an accident.   Once the thetíans had gained sufficient control over their digital environment, they established various forums to log their thoughts and opinions on everything.   It eventually organized into categories of physics and mathematical theorems, vehicle schematics, political discussions and private conversations. Which further divide into individual homepages where only unique persons can modify.


Taurus Exodus
Military Formation | Jun 18, 2022

Light-year Distances

Individual ship groupings Maintain great distances from each other to avoid collisions with each other and cosmic debris.

Screening Ships and Probes

The formation's periphery is regularly scouted in every direction to map obstacles and establish places for push assistance.

Projectile Measures

All the major interstellar ships carry missile payloads that are used to destroy distant threats or be pressed as Impromptu probes that carry scientific instruments.

Industry & Trade


A sub-net using its high processing capacity is able to make rapid financial decisions based off independent predictive models for the movement of various freight


Thetíans who immigrated into alternative vessels for their consciousness were able to set up orbiting manufacturing facilities to produce custom orders for ship parts, instruments or drones at various levels of sophistication.


Being that the Quarantine Class possessed a huge cargo capacity for stacking rows upon rows of matrices, many can be modified by simply keeping one matrix of thetíans to control every facet of that ship for near autonomous travel along the Destiny Pipeline.


Server Matrices

Single crystalline cube-shaped containment vessels surrounded by insulation at absolute zero temperature.   It has a high density storage capacity for data reserved for containing millions of consciousness within a comparably small space.
  They are typically carried in repurposed or enlisted quarantine ships that carry on various duties while housing the matrix-like environment.
    Lion Null
  1. Antares
  2. Andromeda
  3. Kozlov
  4. Semeonis
  5. Chirikov
  6. Chukhnovsky
  7. Kaiser
  8. Asimov
  9. Essex
  10. Columbus
  11. Biddeford
  12. Havanna
  13. Prometheus
  14. Morabito
  15. Nimitz
  16. Magellan
  17. Rudanovsky
  18. Arkwright
  19. Frithjof
  20. Scovill
  21. Fleming
  22. Lion High
  23. Manoa
  24. Strutt
  25. Fortunado
  26. Atlantis
  27. Perseus
  28. Scimitar
  29. Hippalus
  30. Intrepid
  31. Cousteau
  32. Orinoco
  33. Tripoli
  34. Ryvius
  35. Naddoddur
  36. Kulakov
  37. Saratoga
  38. Manhattan
  39. Maryland
  40. Manilla
  41. Halamandaris
  42. Oberon
  43. Zhukov
  44. Lion Low
  45. Rimward
  46. Agrippa
  47. Kasimov
  48. Fiennes
  49. Zarco
  50. Paramount
  51. Arminus
  52. Proxima
  53. Ulysses
  54. Budapest
  55. Sequeira
  56. Erikson
  57. Voltaire
  58. Rae
  59. Guerrero
  60. Dilhan
  61. Wyoming
  62. Almagro
  63. Æthelwulf
  64. Iksha
  65. Verne


Encrypted Sub-Networks

Smaller groups and networks encompass the larger blasto to ensure internal security and allow for private pursuits.   There are no universal encryption methods, but some groups specializing in encryption offer to sell their programs to others. Otherwise, a given network would only feel comfortable implementing security that was internally designed.


Processing Power

Every thetían But this is a certain amount of processing abilities for interacting with their immediate environment.   And as the incal is a wonder material for data mining, there are a lot of outside entities willing to pay for millions of thetíans to collectively calculate a single problem.



Epsilonians are the scattered thoughts and personalities that escape a dying mind from before when humanity fell under the influence of the pearl people.   As such they are able to immigrate into Bhulok's circuitry, and through laser links, be transmitted through the light years to explore the rest of the digital verse.



Everyone's home page has an external representation on the public forum that, depending on the thetían's privacy settings; can project samples, crossbred images or allowed content onto a viewable public facade. The end result is a mixmash of oddly defined architecture making up an unifit skyline.


Open Space

Rather than subject themselves to the whims of a faltering bureaucracy, many ships take up roles collecting dark matter from Boston.

Parked at Dyson

The Delphi are faced with a backlog of ships requiring their attention and many have been stranded in the outer ring for a long time.

Exploration and Wanderings in Manidweepa

Thetíans, either knowingly or unknowingly, co-opted as part of a ship's thetían shielding travel through the spectral realms at the will of their unreachable captain.

Holding at Miasmic Astral

Thetíans who have managed seize control of their ship settle into orbit above the Opal World as ghost ships.

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