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Stellasers are energetic lasers that serve three functions throughout its lifecycle:
  1. Carry energy from one system to another
  2. Encode information through different intensity levels
  3. Once received on the other end, the light is consumed as food for machines and currency for transmigrants
  It is best known as the laser propulsion utilized in the light lattice that wraps around the Destiny Pipeline and is curated by the many decentralized media organizations and the five pantheons of Nataraja.


Wide Beams

A low powered and radial communication transmission that broadcasts information in every direction.  
Long Beams
A low powered but directed transmission for public announcements that expands the further away from its origin it travels.

Narrow Beams

A secure and directed transmission that maintains its intensity for longer than the long beam to travel within a system.  
Tight Beams
A tightbeam is a very focused narrow beam that can travel further than the narrow beam and is best for sending secretive messages.



There are several rifts that twist and turn in recognizable patterns around Manidweepa that make certain places physically closer than what they may initially seem.
Light Lag
There is a gap in the time it takes for information, even at light speed, to be sent and received. This is due to the medium through which it travels.

Carbon Realm

Destiny Pipeline
Stellasers functionally serve as a commodity currency for all transmigrants.   This is because, in addition to transferring data streams, once recaptured, they are a means of providing laser thrust for ships. Which can be recaptured again by those further down the pipeline for their ships.

Nataraja System
Geographic Location | Apr 4, 2023
Level Intensity Description Usage
Ray Continuous Long Energy
Flux Alternating Long Long Movies
Sabre Continuous Spaced Short Shows
Pops Slow Spaced Pulses Spliced Data
Meme Slow Close Pulses Pictures
Skipper Quick Close Pulses Single Coding
Alternate Names
  • Light
  • Lumen
  • Candles
  • Lux
Bidirectional Entertainment
Organization | Aug 1, 2023


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