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Destiny Pipeline

The destiny pipeline is a 2000km diameter hyperlane that is more than likely artifically created by a long lost civilization.


Concentric Travel Zones

Light Latticework
The outermost layer where light-bound information travels and, outside the laws of physics, bends with the shape of the pipeline.
The Stream
The second layer where ships primarily travel. It is sandwiched between tangible materials and intangible data streams of the other zones.  
Core Tube
The very center of the pipeline where people closer to the pearl send masses of raw material towards the rest.   These materials travels faster than the speed of light, causing them to expand beyond what was initially sent.

Localized Phenomena

Lightspeed Fluctuation

The pipeline's creation is a mystery.   It is thought that a civilization like the greshca created a bubble of reality layered with different lightspeeds. There is a higher lightspeed at the center, which carries the secondary effect expanding any material traveling through it; and a lower lightspeed at the outer layers.


On Transit

Thetíans were never able to establish a traditional settlement of their own. They had been in transit to their mandate longer than any other people.   As a result, they established a network of connections during the eons long journey that they are now hesitate to leave. They see no need to when their ships can be separated by light-years and commune with each other.

Delphi police their section of the pipeline, directing traffic and escorting supply runs to their original mandate, with a few choosing to go as far as the Dance Hall to do exactly that.   But the further away those far ranging Delphi go from their home base, the more they would consider breaking away.

Alphi tend to be adventurous. Since arriving to Miasmic Astral while on route to Nataraja, they encountered several drawbacks that distracted them from their mandate.   Overtime, the lot of them forgot or disregarded the directive in favour of moving forwards and backwards along the pipeline for the sake of exploration.

Betans are not as mobile along the pipeline in comparison to their fellow transmigrants. This is because the betans have the tightest societal structure of the many human waves.   They were meant to pave the way for gammians who would come after them. But the genetic pantheons, or whoever ruled before them, were dissuaded from the dangers of their original destination and freely colonized Nataraja's suns instead.

Gammians are squeezed between Nataraja and Tenócha due to the pipeline moving right through Gammium's dangerous asteroid field.   Small groupings have managed to string out an existence within and around the pipeline by incorporating mechanical augmentations into their bodies.

Lambians are the most advanced but least populace of the transmigrants.   Such that they are able to fold space and arrive at Aztlantláca almost instantaneously. Therefore, they had far less of a need for the pipeline, but do use it to send resources they would gather further down to aid their fellows.

Alternative Name(s)
  • Destiny
  • Humanity's Spine
  • The Direction
Dimensional, Pocket
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